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Last updated about 7 hours ago

News & Analysis | No. 257

about 7 hours ago

I spend my time reading 3-6 books a month on security, technology...

Introducing Amazon Curate (I Wish)

4 days ago

Click for full size This isn’t a real product, but I wish...

News & Analysis | No. 256

6 days ago

You’ve reached a piece of member-only content. Subscribe If you’re already a...

How Reading and Meditation Extend Life

7 days ago

People talk a lot about prolonging their lives through medicine or technology,...

Social Media and AI Are Mirrors That Reveal Our Ugliness

11 days ago

There’s something wrong with how we’re thinking about the problems of content...

Trump Would Be a Horrible White Supremacist

12 days ago

I had an idea for a comedy bit a while back, which...


12 days ago

Daniel Miessler is a recognized cybersecurity expert and writer with 20 years...

Why Robinhood is Dangerous for New Investors

12 days ago

After ignoring the chatter for months I finally decided to check out...

News & Analysis: No. 255

14 days ago

Anxiety and Freedom, Microsoft Deepfake Detection, Facebook Disinformation, Replacing Huawei, India China...

Organizing Feedly by Tags

14 days ago

I’m kind of obsessed with organizing my RSS feeds, and I try...