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Last updated about 9 hours ago

The ABCs of attitude-based archetypes in design

about 9 hours ago

Much of our work as user experience designers is understanding the whys...

Teaching my daughter with drawings during quarantine

about 9 hours ago

Warning! Usually I write about design, UX and stuff. This is not...

The accidental tyranny of user interfaces

about 22 hours ago

The potential of technology to empower is being subverted by tyrannical user...

Overcoming implicit bias in your design process

1 day ago

5 steps to start making better products for a diverse audience.“Our comforting...

A designer’s starter guide to technical documentation

1 day ago

A short and sweet list of the long and dense documents designers...

A brief history of graphic design

1 day ago

and how to use it to evolve with the future of designContinue...

Stop evaluating Product Designers like we’re Visual Designers

2 days ago

I cannot count the number of jobs I’ve been turned down for...

Interfaces are, in the end, only social interfaces — the curious case of the Xerox Star

2 days ago

Interfaces are, in the end, only social interfaces — the curious case...

Create a weather app UI with 3D-like illustrations

2 days ago

Step by step tutorial with tips and tricksContinue reading on UX Collective...

7 tips to help improve your web Typography skills

2 days ago

Small, and easy to put into practice tips to help improve your...

Newtonian interfaces

2 days ago

Newtonian ‘physics’ is experienced in graphical microinteractions as they appear to behave...

Junior designers, please design with numbers

2 days ago

Arguably the most important element of design has nothing to do with...