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Last updated about 3 hours ago

The Food Guard kicks plastic wrap to the curb and solves your missing lid problem forever

about 3 hours ago

It may not rank up there with climate change or personal debt...

Annual Hieronymus Bosch parade on water celebrates the life and ideas of the 15th century artist

about 5 hours ago

An annual parade of kinetic sculptures and other artworks and performances in...

Trump is mad 'Parasite' won OSCARS movie of the year, hates on South Korea (VIDEO)

about 5 hours ago

For some reason, during his rage rally on Thursday night, impeached and...

U.S. intelligence briefed lawmakers on Russian online campaign to aid Trump re-election: report

about 5 hours ago

In Washington last week, U.S. intelligence officials told lawmakers that Russia is...

How The Mandalorian was shot on a virtual stage using the Unreal Engine

about 6 hours ago

Until I bumped into the first video below on YouTube this morning...

Help your future self by imagining an invitation to a far-off event is tomorrow

about 7 hours ago

I write a weekly newsletter with Claudia Dawson and Kevin Kelly, called...

Kevin Kelly discusses "Fall, or Dodge in Hell" with author Neal Stephenson

about 8 hours ago

I really enjoyed this interview that Kevin Kelly conducted with sci-fi author...

A new app will help you identify IoT-connected devices around you, and tell you what data they're collecting

about 8 hours ago

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon have come up with this new IoT Assistant...

One of the jurors who convicted Whitey Bulger started up a strange pen pal friendship with him

about 8 hours ago

I was on Cape Cod this past weekend — specifically, the town...

Zuckerberg has staff blow-dry his armpits before speeches

about 9 hours ago

Facebook leader Mark Zuckerberg has a Facebook executive blow-dry his armpits before...

The AXIS Gear turns your regular window shades into smart coverings

about 9 hours ago

Assembling a truly autonomous smart home is getting closer and closer to...

RIP Sy Sperling, founder of Hair Club for Men

about 10 hours ago

"I'm not only the Hair Club president but I'm also a client."...