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Last updated 37 minutes ago

How one electronic music producer wants to decolonize music software

39 minutes ago

I've spent a lot of my time over this past pandemic year...

Covid vaccine approved for use in children over 12 years old

about 1 hour ago

The FDA has approved the use of the Pzifer-Biontech covid vaccine in...

Brilliant is the fun, hands-on math and science training you always wished you'd had

about 1 hour ago

There are so many ways a math or science education can go...

David Lynch directs new Donovan video

about 1 hour ago

Donovan (yes, that Donovan) has a new video out for "The Shaman."...

In 1844, New Orleans slave Sally Miller claimed to be a free German immigrant pressed into bondage

about 2 hours ago

In 1844 New Orleans was riveted by a dramatic trial: A slave...

Want the secrets that every great CFO already knows? This e-book explains it all.

about 7 hours ago

A company's CEO is its true leader, heading up every move a...

This Wi-Fi router with a 4-antenna array can blast a signal all over your home

about 11 hours ago

You can have a house packed to the rafters with smart home...

Which country's Emergency Alert System siren is the most alarming?

about 13 hours ago

The Emergency Alert System (EAS), was introduced on January 1, 1997 as...

A YouTube channel that goes deep on the Titanic

about 17 hours ago

I have lost too many hours to Historic Travels, a YouTube channel...

Matt's Flights sends you the best discounted airline rates as they happen for $30

about 17 hours ago

You can practically feel the excitement building. After more than a year...

Agitated zebra runs from police on Tennessee highway

about 18 hours ago

This morning I posted about a loose tiger walking around a Houston...

Good deal on a charcoal chimney

about 19 hours ago

Once you start using a charcoal chimney, you'll never go back to...