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Last updated 1 day ago

A simplified stack monitoring experience in Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes

1 day ago

To monitor your Elastic Stack with Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK), you...

Elasticians Unidos Month 2021 | Our global celebration of Latinx and Hispanic heritages

1 day ago

We proudly celebrate Hispanic and Latinx-identified communities as part of Elasticians Unidos...

Elastic named EMA Top 3 Award winner in Automatic End-to-End Observability

1 day ago

We are excited to announce that Elastic Observability has earned the Enterprise...

What’s new in Elastic Maps: Maps tailored to your geospatial data

2 days ago

Sysadmins, cartographers, and dashboard designers can now personalize Elastic Maps to create...

No More Searching for a Needle in a Haystack: A World Where Elastic & StackState Team-Up

3 days ago

Anthony Evans from StackState wrote this blog post. Anthony is a Solutions...

De Watergroep and Devoteam build Elastic Observability pipeline to deliver water to millions

8 days ago

De Watergroep is responsible for the supply of water to more than...

Elastic and HashiCorp partner to bring infrastructure-as-code to Elastic Cloud

8 days ago

Operations and SRE teams often rely on HashiCorp Terraform to safely manage...

Tracing AWS Lambdas with OpenTelemetry and Elastic Observability

9 days ago

Why OpenTelemetry? Open Telemetry represents an effort to combine distributed tracing, metrics...

With Elastic Cloud on AWS, Smarter City Solutions ensures seamless customer experience across the Smarter Parking Platform

10 days ago

Ensuring a seamless customer experience is a growing challenge for digital technology...

Secure your deployments on Elastic Cloud with Google Cloud Private Service Connect

10 days ago

Secure your deployments on Elastic Cloud with Google Cloud Private Service Connect...

Elastic on Elastic Series: Data collected to the Infosec SIEM

10 days ago

The Elastic Infosec Detections and Analytics team is responsible for building, tuning...

Elastic Stack 7.14.1 released

16 days ago

Version 7.14.1 of the Elastic Stack was released today. We recommend you...