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Last updated about 16 hours ago

Study confirms superior sound of a Stradivari is due to the varnish

about 16 hours ago

Enlarge / A 1729 Stradivari known as the "Solomon, Ex-Lambert" on display...

Nintendo’s “thing after the Switch”: How an overheard convo sent me reeling

about 17 hours ago

Enlarge / Today's very brief hint of the gaming future comes wrapped...

Battlefield 2042 joins recent game-delay frenzy, moves to November

about 18 hours ago

Enlarge / This looks fun. (credit: EA) Battlefield 2042 has been delayed...

Lost Judgment impressions: 15 wild hours in Yokohama

about 21 hours ago

Lost Judgment's action detective, Takayuki Yagami. At a glance, Lost Judgment may...

How 13 Reasons Why sparked years of suicide-contagion research

2 days ago

Enlarge / Back in 2017, the first season of the Netflix series...

Nintendo Switch finally supports Bluetooth audio—but beware the lag

2 days ago

Enlarge / Bluetooth on Switch, presented as an overly literal image translation...

Storage galore: New PS5 update finally lets users add more space for games

3 days ago

Enlarge / A major new update to the PS5 firmware lets players...

It’s all in the ink: Vinland Map is definitely a fake, new analysis finds

3 days ago

Enlarge / The Vinland Map purports to be a 15th-century map with...

Cruis’n Blast review: ’90s arcade racing, supercharged for the modern era

3 days ago

Flipping past a T-Rex in a shiny, blue sports car: that's the...

LittleBigTrouble: Sony kills multiple games’ online service without notice

4 days ago

Enlarge / Almost every LittleBigPlanet release just lost its online hub. (credit...

New drivers add performance-boosting memory-access feature to older AMD GPUs

4 days ago

Enlarge / The Radeon RX 5700 XT. (credit: AMD) GPU driver releases...

Jeremy Renner passes down his bow in fun, holiday-themed trailer for Hawkeye

4 days ago

Jeremy Renner reprises his role as Clint Barton in Hawkeye. [credit: YouTube/Marvel...