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Last updated about 5 hours ago

Monster Mash: These are the best new horror movies to binge this Halloween

about 7 hours ago

Enlarge / Halloween weekend is the perfect time to check out some...

Bethesda exec says an Xbox-exclusive Elder Scrolls is “hard to imagine”

1 day ago

Enlarge / Seriously, about all we really know about The Elder Scrolls...

War Stories: How Nintendo sold the NES to a skeptical country

1 day ago

Produced and directed by by Justin Wolfson, edited by Chris Jones. Click...

AMD’s newest graphics cards: RDNA2 power from $579 to $999

2 days ago

AMD CEO Lisa Su holds the Radeon RX 6900 XT. [credit: AMD...

Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong high-score case will move forward to trial

2 days ago

Enlarge / Billy Mitchell competes at a (presumably authentic) Donkey Kong cabinet...

Xbox Series boxes unboxed, revealing a series of Xboxes inside of boxes

2 days ago

A series of Xbox Series boxes. [credit: Sam Machkovech ] You may...

Watch Dogs Legion review: A meaningless mob, with mostly merry mayhem

2 days ago

Believe it or not, this humble construction worker is a key figure...

George Clooney is a grizzled Arctic astronomer in The Midnight Sky trailer

3 days ago

George Clooney directs and stars in The Midnight Sky, based on the...

Cyberpunk 2077, after going gold, gets delayed another month

3 days ago

Enlarge / If you look closely at the shades, you can see...

Nvidia RTX 3070 review: AMD’s stopwatch just started ticking a lot louder

3 days ago

The RTX .3070 [credit: Sam Machkovech ] Talking about the RTX 3070,...

PS5 unboxing: Sony’s big, curvy boy stands out in any room

3 days ago

The PS5 will stand vertically on its own without the stand, but...

Hands-on with the PS5’s synesthetic DualSense controller

3 days ago

Welcome to Cooling Springs, just one portion of the adventure through a...