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An Update on MDN Web Docs

2 months ago

Last week, Mozilla announced some general changes in our investments and we...

js13kGames 2020: A lean coding challenge with WebXR and Web Monetization

2 months ago

Have you heard about the js13kGames competition? It’s an online code-golfing challenge...

Changes to SameSite Cookie Behavior – A Call to Action for Web Developers

3 months ago

We are changing the default value of the SameSite attribute for cookies...

Firefox 79: The safe return of shared memory, new tooling, and platform updates

3 months ago

A new stable version of Firefox brings July to a close with...

MDN Web Docs: 15 years young

3 months ago

On July 23, MDN Web Docs turned 15 years old. From humble...

Safely reviving shared memory

3 months ago

At Mozilla, we want the web to be capable of running high-performance...

Testing Firefox more efficiently with machine learning

4 months ago

A browser is an incredibly complex piece of software. With such enormous...

Adding prefers-contrast to Firefox

4 months ago

In this article, we’ll walk through the design and implementation of the...