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Last updated about 19 hours ago

Orion Spacecraft Joins Artemis I Moon Rocket at Kennedy

about 19 hours ago

Teams at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida lifted the Orion spacecraft...

Hubble Snapshot of 'Molten Ring' Galaxy Prompts New Research

2 days ago

The Hubble Space Telescope's glamour shots of the universe nearly always have...

Behold an Aurora Over the Southern Skies

3 days ago

​A vivid aurora streams over the Earth as the International Space Station...

Mars Sample Return Artist's Concept

4 days ago

Concept for a set of future robots working together to ferry back...

Lucy Mission Set to Launch to Study Trojan Asteroids

8 days ago

With the Lucy spacecraft aboard, a United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket...

Lucy: Inspiration and Asteroids

10 days ago

NASA's Lucy mission will explore a record-breaking number of asteroids.

Like Monsters in the Sky

11 days ago

A violent and chaotic-looking mass of gas and dust is seen in...

Hubble Detects a Dangerous Dance

15 days ago

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image features two interacting galaxies that are...

Smile! You're on the International Space Station

16 days ago

The seven-member Expedition 65 crew gathered for a portrait inside the International...

A Jupiter-Like Rogue Planet Wanders Alone in Space

17 days ago

This artist's conception illustrates a Jupiter-like planet alone in the dark of...

A Colorful Departure From the Station

18 days ago

SpaceX Cargo Dragon resupply ship is pictured as it backs away from...

Psyche Mission to an Asteroid: Electric Propulsion Comes of Age

19 days ago

When it comes time for NASA’s Psyche spacecraft to power itself through...