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The Art of Manliness

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Sunday Firesides: You Might Like It!

28 minutes ago

When the Japanese overran the Philippines during WWII, an American exporter found...

How to Find Studs in a Wall

2 days ago

Hanging up a flat-screen television Putting up wall-mounted racks so you can...

How to Do the Perfect Pull-Up

2 days ago

Pull-ups are one of the best ways to make serious strength gains...

Podcast #742: The Power of Talking to Strangers

3 days ago

Look around a grocery store, airport lobby, or subway car, and you’ll...

The One Question NOT to Ask for Healthy Introspection (And What to Ask Instead)

4 days ago

We’d all like more insight about ourselves. Gaining greater self-awareness can allow...

Podcast #741: The Exercise Prescription for Depression and Anxiety

5 days ago

If you went to the doctor about treating your depression or anxiety...

How to Read More Books

7 days ago

With our archives now 3,500+ articles deep, we’ve decided to republish a...

Sunday Firesides: There Are No Second Chances

7 days ago

In the immediate aftermath of an awkward date, blown job interview, aborted...

How to Take a Punch (To Minimize Its Damage)

9 days ago

Typically when we imagine ourselves in a fight, we visualize ourselves pummeling...

Podcast #740: Life’s 10 Biggest Decisions

10 days ago

How many of your life’s ten biggest decisions have you already made...

Nietzsche’s (Surprisingly Sound) Advice on Choosing a Spouse

11 days ago

Plenty of advice on what makes for a good, happy marriage has...

Podcast #739: Rewild Your Life

12 days ago

If you have one, take a look at your pet cat or...