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Last updated 3 months ago

More On Types

3 months ago

Recently I wrote a cute little program for doing Turtle Graphics. For...

On Types

3 months ago

I wrote my first program in 1964. The name of the program...


7 months ago

A few days ago someone tweeted a question asking which of the...

Pairing Guidelines

8 months ago

Everybody pairs from time to time. It is a rare programmer who...

Solid Relevance

11 months ago

Recently I received a letter from someone with a concern. It went...


12 months ago

The following is a segment of a journey. It has no obvious...

Conference Conduct

about 1 year ago

It was just a few years ago, at the height of the...

The Disinvitation

about 1 year ago

I have a friend, in the Chicago area, who calls me up...

REPL Driven Design

over 1 year ago

If you follow me on facebook you know that I’ve been publishing...

A Little More Clojure

over 1 year ago

So let’s learn just a little bit more of Clojure Here are...

A Little Clojure

over 1 year ago

So let’s learn just a little bit of clojure This expression: (1...

A New Hope

over 1 year ago

…The Year is 2045… Dad, can you help me with my school...