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Martin Fowler

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Last updated 18 days ago

Ship / Show / Ask: A modern branching strategy

18 days ago

I've written a fair bit about how using pull requests can encourage...

What I'm up to now

about 1 month ago

A couple of months ago I announced that I was stepping back...

Gateway Pattern

about 2 months ago

We often need to access APIs from foreign codebases, and these foreign...

An example: Integration Middleware Removal

about 2 months ago

To illustrate how these patterns work in practice, Ian, Rob, and James...

Feature Parity

2 months ago

On many occasions when my colleagues find themselves talking to IT executives...

Extract Product Lines

2 months ago

To do effective legacy displacement, we need to figure out how to...

Patterns of Legacy Displacement

2 months ago

My colleagues do a lot of work that involves replacing legacy software...

photostream 126

3 months ago

Bacharach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (2016)

Follower Reads

3 months ago

When you are using Leaders and Followers, you can use Follower Reads...

Stepping Back from Speaking

3 months ago

A personal note on why I wish to give up doing talks...

Version Vector

3 months ago

A Lamport Clock is effective to order events on a single server,...

Hybrid Clock

3 months ago

While a Lamport Clock is often necessary to order events in a...