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Last updated 4 days ago

Real-Time Exactly-Once Ad Event Processing with Apache Flink and Kafka

4 days ago

Uber recently launched a new capability: Ads on UberEats. With this new...

YAML Generator for Funnel YAML Files: Streamlining the Mobile Data Workflow Process

11 days ago

At Uber, real-time mobile analytics events—generated by button taps, page views, and...

Jellyfish: Cost-Effective Data Tiering for Uber’s Largest Storage System

18 days ago

Problem Uber deploys a few storage technologies to store business data based...

Streaming Real-Time Analytics with Redis, AWS Fargate, and Dash Framework

25 days ago

Introduction Uber’s GSS (Global Scaled Solutions) team runs scaled programs for diverse...

Enabling Seamless Kafka Async Queuing with Consumer Proxy

27 days ago

Uber has one of the largest deployments of Apache Kafka in the...

How Data Shapes the Uber Rider App

about 1 month ago

Introduction Data is crucial for our products. Data analytics help us provide...

Powering the Network Pricing Model with Near Real-Time Features

about 1 month ago

Background Drivers within the same area may have quite different earnings, depending...

Eats Safety Team On-Call Overview

about 1 month ago

Introduction Our engineers have the responsibility of ensuring a consistent and positive...

Unifying Support Content to Enable More Empathetic and Personalized Customer Support Experiences

about 1 month ago

Introduction  Content quality is critical to the support experienced by Uber’s customers...

Efficiently Managing the Supply and Demand on Uber’s Big Data Platform

about 2 months ago

With Uber’s business growth and the fast adoption of big data and...

Cost-Efficient Open Source Big Data Platform at Uber

about 2 months ago

As Uber’s business has expanded, the underlying pool of data that powers...

Challenges and Opportunities to Dramatically Reduce the Cost of Uber’s Big Data

about 2 months ago

Introduction Big data is at the core of Uber’s business. We continue...