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Last updated almost 2 years ago

ML Education at Uber: Program Design and Outcomes

almost 2 years ago

Introduction If you have read our previous article, ML Education at Uber...

ML Education at Uber: Frameworks Inspired by Engineering Principles

almost 2 years ago

Introduction At Uber, millions of machine learning (ML) predictions are made every...

Supercharging A/B Testing at Uber

almost 2 years ago

Introduction “Immensely laborious calculations on inferior data may increase the yield from...

Vertical CPU Scaling: Reduce Cost of Capacity and Increase Reliability

about 2 years ago

This blog post describes the implementation of an automated vertical CPU scaling...

Uber’s Highly Scalable and Distributed Shuffle as a Service

about 2 years ago

Uber is a data-driven company that heavily relies on offline and online...

Introducing Shadower: A Minimalistic Load Testing Tool

about 2 years ago

Introduction Shadower is a load testing tool that allows us to provide...

How We Halved Go Monorepo CI Build Time

about 2 years ago

Painting the Picture Before 2021, Uber engineers would have to take quite...

Enabling Offline Inferences at Uber Scale

about 2 years ago

Introduction At Uber we use data from user support interactions to identify...

Uber’s Real-Time Document Check

about 2 years ago

Introduction Justification for Identity Verification Latin America is a rich cultural region...

Data Race Patterns in Go

about 2 years ago

Uber has adopted Golang (Go for short) as a primary programming language...

USL – Uber’s Unified Signup and Login Stack

about 2 years ago

Introduction Uber has operations in over 10,000 cities worldwide and its services...

Better Load Balancing: Real-Time Dynamic Subsetting

about 2 years ago

Overview Subsetting is a common technique used in load balancing for large-scale...