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Last updated 8 days ago

Standing for Safety: Meet the Uber Sao Paulo Tech Team

8 days ago

Located in the heart of Latin America’s largest city, the Uber Sao...

Introducing Domain-Oriented Microservice Architecture

13 days ago

Introduction Recently there has been substantial discussion around the downsides of service...

Engineering Failover Handling in Uber’s Mobile Networking Infrastructure

22 days ago

Millions of users use Uber’s applications everyday across the globe, accessing seamless...

Fiber: Distributed Computing for AI Made Simple

about 1 month ago

Project Homepage: GitHub Over the past several years, increasing processing power of...

Editing Massive Geospatial Data Sets with nebula.gl

about 1 month ago

Geospatial data, or data tied to a specific, real-world location, is integral...

Profiles in Coding: Diana Yanakiev, Uber ATG, Pittsburgh

about 2 months ago

Self-driving cars have long been considered the future of transportation, but they’re...

Building a Large-scale Transactional Data Lake at Uber Using Apache Hudi

about 2 months ago

From ensuring accurate ETAs to predicting optimal traffic routes, providing safe, seamless...

Introducing Neuropod, Uber ATG’s Open Source Deep Learning Inference Engine

about 2 months ago

At Uber Advanced Technologies Group (ATG), we leverage deep learning to provide...

Inside Uber ATG’s Data Mining Operation: Identifying Real Road Scenarios at Scale for Machine Learning

2 months ago

How did the pedestrian cross the road Contrary to popular belief, sometimes...

Meta-Graph: Few-Shot Link Prediction Using Meta-Learning

2 months ago

This article is based on the paper “Meta-Graph: Few Shot Link Prediction...

Profiles in Coding: Christabelle Bosson, Uber Elevate, San Francisco

2 months ago

Uber Elevate takes Uber’s pioneering transportation technology to new heights with urban...

Developing the Next Generation of Coders with the Dev/Mission Uber Coding Fellowship

2 months ago

Uber is dedicated to furthering global citizenship, whether by connecting people to...