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Last updated 3 days ago

Vaccine priming of rare HIV broadly neutralizing antibody precursors in nonhuman primates | Science

2 days ago

Germline-targeting immunogens hold promise for initiating the induction of broadly neutralizing antibodies...

mRNA-LNP HIV-1 trimer boosters elicit precursors to broad neutralizing antibodies | Science

2 days ago

Germline-targeting (GT) HIV vaccine strategies are predicated on deriving broadly neutralizing antibodies...

Delocalized, asynchronous, closed-loop discovery of organic laser emitters | Science

2 days ago

Contemporary materials discovery requires intricate sequences of synthesis, formulation, and characterization that...

An inflamed brain can trigger psychosis. The search is on for patients who might be cured

3 days ago

The discovery of rogue antibodies behind paranoia, hallucinations, and other symptoms could...

Bandgap-universal passivation enables stable perovskite solar cells with low photovoltage loss | Science

3 days ago

The efficiency and longevity of metal-halide perovskite solar cells are typically dictated...

In Science Journals | Science

3 days ago

Highlights from the Science family of journals

Self-advocacy for young African scientists | Science

3 days ago

Knowledge resources and financial capital are mainly concentrated in the Global North...

Inverse design of a pyrochlore lattice of DNA origami through model-driven experiments | Science

3 days ago

Sophisticated statistical mechanics approaches and human intuition have demonstrated the possibility of...

Global band convergence design for high-performance thermoelectric power generation in Zintls | Science

3 days ago

Electronic band convergence can have a beneficial impact on thermoelectric performance, but...

Metabolic loads and the costs of metazoan reproduction | Science

3 days ago

Reproduction includes two energy investments—the energy in the offspring and the energy...

In Other Journals | Science

3 days ago

Editors’ selections from the current scientific literature