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Last updated about 12 hours ago

Statistical and Visual Exploratory Data Analysis with One Line of Code

about 12 hours ago

If EDA is not executed correctly, it can cause us to start...

I’m a Data Scientist, Not Just The Tiny Hands that Crunch your Data

about 14 hours ago

Not everyone "gets" the role of the Data Scientist -- including management...

Top Stories, Sep 14-20: Automating Every Aspect of Your Python Project; Deep Learning’s Most Important Ideas

about 15 hours ago

Also: Statistics with Julia: The Free eBook; Online Certificates/Courses in AI, Data...

What an Argentine Writer and a Hungarian Mathematician Can Teach Us About Machine Learning Overfitting

about 16 hours ago

This article presents some beautiful ideas about intelligence and how they related...

Automating Every Aspect of Your Python Project

4 days ago

Every Python project can benefit from automation using Makefile, optimized Docker images...

What is Simpson’s Paradox and How to Automatically Detect it

4 days ago

Looking at data one way can tell one story, but sometimes looking...

The Insiders’ Guide to Generative and Discriminative Machine Learning Models

4 days ago

In this article, we will look at the difference between generative and...

Coursera’s Machine Learning for Everyone Fulfills Unmet Training Needs

4 days ago

Coursera's Machine Learning for Everyone (free access) fulfills two different kinds of...

How to Effectively Obtain Consumer Insights in a Data Overload Era

5 days ago

Everybody knows how important is understanding your customer, but how to do...

Unpopular Opinion – Data Scientists Should Be More End-to-End

5 days ago

Can a do-it-all Data Scientist really be more effective at delivering new...

Implementing a Deep Learning Library from Scratch in Python

5 days ago

A beginner’s guide to understanding the fundamental building blocks of deep learning...