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Last updated about 14 hours ago

The Death of Data Scientists – will AutoML replace them?

about 14 hours ago

Soon after tech giants Google and Microsoft introduced their AutoML services to...

The Forgotten Algorithm

about 16 hours ago

This article explores Monte Carlo Simulation with Streamlit.

Data Science Influencers and Keynotes Coming to ODSC East 2020

about 17 hours ago

ODSC is proud to announce its keynote speakers for ODSC East 2020...

In Loving Memory of Strictly-Typed Schemas

about 18 hours ago

This article addresses one very peculiar manifestation of marketing propaganda in the...

Top KDnuggets tweets, Feb 12-18: What Does it Mean to Deploy a #MachineLearning Model?

1 day ago

Also: A minimalist drawing that represents closeness over time. Captures the span...

2020 INFORMS Business Analytics Conference: Where the Wild West meets the future of analytics innovation

1 day ago

From April 26-28, more than 1,000 leading analytics professionals and industry experts...

Hand labeling is the past. The future is #NoLabel AI

1 day ago

Data labeling is so hot right now… but could this rapidly emerging...

Getting Started with R Programming

1 day ago

An end to end Data Analysis using R, the second most requested...

Audio Data Analysis Using Deep Learning with Python (Part 1)

1 day ago

A brief introduction to audio data processing and genre classification using Neural...

Hot topics at PAW Healthcare: Predicting Ebola Outbreaks, Improving Hospital Patient Flow & more

2 days ago

Predictive Analytics World for Healthcare, May 31-Jun 4 in Las Vegas, is...

10 AI, Data Science, Machine Learning Terms You Need to Know in 2020

3 days ago

2020 is well underway, and we bring you 10 AI, data science...