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Last updated about 16 hours ago

AI and the Indian Election

about 16 hours ago

As India concluded the world’s largest election on June 5, 2024, with...

Using AI for Political Polling

1 day ago

Public polling is a critical function of modern political campaigns and movements...

LLMs Acting Deceptively

3 days ago

New research: “Deception abilities emerged in large language models“ Abstract: Large language...

Exploiting Mistyped URLs

4 days ago

Interesting research: “Hyperlink Hijacking: Exploiting Erroneous URL Links to Phantom Domains“ Abstract:...

Friday Squid Blogging: Squid Catch Quotas in Peru

6 days ago

Peru has set a lower squid quota for 2024. The article says...

Security and Human Behavior (SHB) 2024

6 days ago

This week, I hosted the seventeenth Workshop on Security and Human Behavior...

The Justice Department Took Down the 911 S5 Botnet

7 days ago

The US Justice Department has dismantled an enormous botnet According to an...

Espionage with a Drone

7 days ago

The US is using a World War II law that bans aircraft...

Online Privacy and Overfishing

9 days ago

Microsoft recently caught state-backed hackers using its generative AI tools to help...

Breaking a Password Manager

10 days ago

Interesting story of breaking the security of the RoboForm password manager in...

Seeing Like a Data Structure

11 days ago

Technology was once simply a tool—and a small one at that—used to...

AI Will Increase the Quantity—and Quality—of Phishing Scams

11 days ago

A piece I coauthored with Fredrik Heiding and Arun Vishwanath in the...