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Schneier on Security

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Last updated about 12 hours ago

FBI Had the REvil Decryption Key

about 12 hours ago

The Washington Post reports that the FBI had a decryption key for...

Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services Hack

1 day ago

Apparently, a nation-state hacked Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services Not...

Friday Squid Blogging: Ram’s Horn Squid Shells

5 days ago

You can find ram’s horn squid shells on beaches in Texas (and...

Zero-Click iMessage Exploit

6 days ago

Citizen Lab released a report on a zero-click iMessage exploit that is...

Identifying Computer-Generated Faces

7 days ago

It’s the eyes The researchers note that in many cases, users can...

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

8 days ago

This is a current list of where and when I am scheduled...

Designing Contact-Tracing Apps

10 days ago

Susan Landau wrote an essay on the privacy, efficacy, and equity of...

Friday Squid Blogging: Possible Evidence of Squid Paternal Care

12 days ago

Researchers have found possible evidence of paternal care among bigfin reef squid...

ProtonMail Now Keeps IP Logs

13 days ago

After being compelled by a Swiss court to monitor IP logs for...

More Detail on the Juniper Hack and the NSA PRNG Backdoor

14 days ago

We knew the basics of this story, but it’s good to have...

Security Risks of Relying on a Single Smartphone

15 days ago

Isracard used a single cell phone to communicate with credit card clients...

Lightning Cable with Embedded Eavesdropping

16 days ago

Normal-looking cables (USB-C, Lightning, and so on) that exfiltrate data over a...