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Last updated 12 days ago

Measuring Middlebox Interference with DNS Records

12 days ago

Overview The Domain Name System (DNS) is often referred to as the...

Firefox 83 introduces HTTPS-Only Mode

13 days ago

  Security on the web matters. Whenever you connect to a web page...

Preloading Intermediate CA Certificates into Firefox

16 days ago

Throughout 2020, Firefox users have been seeing fewer secure connection errors while...

Firefox 79 includes protections against redirect tracking

4 months ago

A little over a year ago we enabled Enhanced Tracking Protection (ETP)...

Reducing TLS Certificate Lifespans to 398 Days

5 months ago

We intend to update Mozilla’s Root Store Policy to reduce the maximum...

Performance Improvements via Formally-Verified Cryptography in Firefox

5 months ago

Cryptographic primitives, while extremely complex and difficult to implement, audit, and validate...

May 2020 CA Communication

7 months ago

Mozilla has sent a CA Communication and Survey to inform Certification Authorities...

Firefox’s Bug Bounty in 2019 and into the Future

7 months ago

Firefox has one of the oldest security bug bounties on the internet...

Expanding Client Certificates in Firefox 75

8 months ago

Starting in version 75, Firefox can be configured to use client certificates...

Firefox 75 will respect ‘nosniff’ for Page Loads

8 months ago

Prior to being able to display a web page within a browser...

Multi-Account Containers Add-on Sync Feature

10 months ago

The Multi-Account Containers Add-on will now sync your container configuration and site...

CRLite: Speeding Up Secure Browsing

10 months ago

CRLite pushes bulk certificate revocation information to Firefox users, reducing the need...