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Last updated 1 day ago

Climate change-fueled heatwaves could kill millions

1 day ago

Blistering heatwaves are breaking temperature records around the globe this year, from...

Eli Lilly is testing a way to prevent covid-19 that’s not a vaccine

1 day ago

Nurses and patients in some US assisted living facilities will receive an...

The quest for quantum-proof encryption just made a leap forward

2 days ago

Many of the things you do online every day are protected by...

The field of natural language processing is chasing the wrong goal

5 days ago

At a typical annual meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL)...

The problems AI has today go back centuries

5 days ago

In March of 2015, protests broke out at the University of Cape...

How an EU tax could slash climate emissions far beyond Europe

5 days ago

Last week, European Union leaders approved the most aggressive climate-change plan in...

Chinese and Russian hackers were just sanctioned by Europe for the first time

6 days ago

The European Union imposed its first-ever sanctions for cyberattacks on Thursday, targeting...

American parents are setting up homeschool “pandemic pods”

6 days ago

In the past few weeks, a new vocabulary has emerged among parenting...

Climate-change-driven flooding could endanger 200 million people—in 30 years

6 days ago

Rising tides and storm surges will devastate economies and communities around the...

A neural network that spots similarities between programs could help computers code themselves

7 days ago

Computer programming has never been easy. The first coders wrote programs out...

NASA’s new Mars rover is bristling with tech made to find signs of alien life

7 days ago

Deep down, our drive to explore Mars has always been about figuring...

Smart devices, a cohesive system, a brighter future

7 days ago

If you need a reason to feel good about the direction technology...