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Last updated about 2 years ago

Imaging scans show where symbols turn to letters in the brain

about 2 years ago

Scientists watched brain activity in a region where reading takes root, and...

Electrodes show a glimpse of memories emerging in a brain

about 2 years ago

Nerve cells in an important memory center in the brain sync their...

Climate misinformation may be thriving on YouTube, a social scientist warns

about 2 years ago

Analyzing 200 climate-related videos on YouTube shows that a majority challenge widely...

Murray Gell-Mann’s ‘totalitarian principle’ is the modern version of Plato’s plenitude

about 2 years ago

The ancient principle of plenitude is reborn in the modern belief that...

Alzheimer’s targets brain cells that help people stay awake

about 2 years ago

Nerve cells in the brain that are tied to wakefulness are destroyed...

A new FDA-approved drug takes aim at a deadly form of tuberculosis

about 2 years ago

The antibiotic could help tackle extensively drug-resistant tuberculosis, which kills tens of...

LIGO and Virgo probably spotted the first black hole swallowing up a neutron star

about 2 years ago

In a first, astronomers may just have detected gravitational waves from a...

We’re closing down our comment section

about 2 years ago

Science News’ forthcoming website won’t feature comment sections on stories, but instead...

Chemists have created and imaged a new form of carbon

about 2 years ago

A new molecule takes its place among buckyballs, carbon nanotubes and other...

Fluid in superdeep diamonds may be from some of Earth's oldest unchanged material

about 2 years ago

Primordial rock deep in the mantle and dating to just after Earth’s...

New cloaking devices could hide objects from water waves and currents

about 2 years ago

Specially designed materials could help prevent boats from rocking too violently in...

The first chlamydia vaccine has passed a major test

about 2 years ago

A clinical trial for a vaccine against the sexually transmitted disease found...