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Loading Artist

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Last updated 6 days ago

They Come at Night

6 days ago

Hey did you know I’ve made an Archives channel on YouTube where...

Out of Sight

13 days ago

HEY! Annual memberships on my Patreon page is now a thing (and...

Patreon Annual Memberships!

14 days ago

Become a Loading Artist patron for a whole year and save 10%...

Game Changer

19 days ago

Whoops, a day late because I got carried away with the background...


27 days ago

HEY! It’s October! And I’m hosting a lil drawing contest called loadtoberJ...

loadtoberJ 2020

27 days ago

Join the first official loadtoberJ contest Simply take one of the daily...

Off the Menu

about 1 month ago

I’ve made a new YouTube channel for all my past streams! Enter...

Enter the Archives!

about 1 month ago

In addition to the main Loading Artist channel, there’s now a new...

Grabbing a Bite

about 1 month ago

Going to do a CAT PAT STREAM on Twitch where I’ll walk...

Falling in Love with Fall Guys

about 2 months ago

Highlights from the first Fall Guys stream! Watch me live on Twitch...

Called Out

about 2 months ago

Hey if you haven’t already joined the Discord server, I’d highly recommend...

More Emotes!!

about 2 months ago

We’ve unlocked FOUR new Twitch emote slots recently (major thanks to all...