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Last updated about 2 months ago

A Tale of Two 3D Printers (and all additive manufacturing processes)

about 2 months ago

I have wanted a 3D printer for a very long time. I...

Size Matters

2 months ago

My mom has a tendency to buy these really terribly spec’d Windows...

Where is the high bandwidth internet for the masses?

3 months ago

Being cooped up at home got me looking into the new Xbox...

The Art of Automation

4 months ago

I am unsure if my love of automation comes from a dislike...

The Life of a Data Byte

5 months ago

A byte of data has been stored in a number of different...

Power to the People

5 months ago

When you upload photos to Instagram, back up your phone to “the...

Network booted, home initialized

7 months ago

I had a lot of fun writing blog posts in the past...

Born in a Garage

8 months ago

WE STARTED A COMPUTER COMPANY!! You have no idea how long I’ve...

Tales from Firmware Camp

11 months ago

Last week I attended the Open Source Firmware Conference It was amazing!...

Transactional Memory and Tech Hype Waves

12 months ago

At lunch today I learned about Transactional Synchronization Extensions (TSX) which is...

The Business Executive's Guide to Kubernetes

about 1 year ago

Hello I thought it would be fun to write a post aimed...

Linux Observability with BPF

about 1 year ago

Below is the foreward for the new book on Linux Observability with...