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Last updated 22 days ago

【French Pastry"Tropezienne"】Brioche Sandwich with Plenty of Cream

22 days ago

I made a pastry called Tropezienne from Southern France It’s a sandwich...

【Eggless】 Carrot Cake Recipe | Emojoie

about 1 month ago

I love carrot cakes from cafes I made a carrot cake that...

Fluffy Yogurt Souffle Cake | Emojoie #Shorts

about 1 month ago

Recipe レシピ https://youtu.be/QPhpVGYr9wY Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/emojoiecuisine/ TikTok: ​​​​​​​https://www.tiktok.com/@emojoie

Have You Tried a Japanese Fluffy Yogurt Cake? | Emojoie

2 months ago

This cake is low in calories and fat. Of course, you can...

Melon Layer Cheesecake Recipe | Emojoie

2 months ago

I made a melon layer cheesecake this time It might be a...

S’mores ice cream sandwich #Shorts

3 months ago

Recipe レシピ https://youtu.be/tx1J-iwDJ7E Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/emojoiecuisine/ TikTok:​​​​​​​www.tiktok.com/@emojoie

S'mores Ice Cream Sandwich | Emojoie

3 months ago

It's summer and I'm craving ice cream This time, I made s'mores...

Castella Creme Caramel Recipe | Emojoie

3 months ago

I made a dessert that combines flan and castella cake this time...

Taiwanese Chocolate Castella Cake【Moist & Soft】 | Emojoie

4 months ago

A chocolate version from the Taiwanese Castella cake that got over 33...

Cream Cheese Terrine Basque Cheesecake-style | Emojoie

4 months ago

This is a creamy and rich cheese terrine inspired by cheesecakes from...

Cheesecake with Only 4 Ingredients [No Oven, No Gelatin] | Emojoie

5 months ago

No oven, no gelatin. A cheesecake that you can make easily with...

苺とさくらんぼのゼリーケーキ | Strawberry and Cherry Jelly Cake

5 months ago

SNSではYouTubeで未公開の写真や動画を投稿しています。フォローいただけたら嬉しいです👋 ➢https://www.instagram.com/emojoiecuisine​ ➢http://twitter.com/emojoie​ 〜 詳しい作り方は動画内の字幕[cc]で説明しています〜 ➢ピューレ いちご200g 砂糖20g ジャム(サワーチェリー)30g ➢ソース ピュ−レ100g キサンタンガム0.3g...