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Last updated 4 days ago

Friday Facts #419 - Display Panel & Inserter pickup fixes

4 days ago

Hello Welcome to our facts for the week. Sign posts or bulletin...

Friday Facts #418 - Space Age release date

11 days ago

Hello Today we want to share some exciting news! Factorio: Space Age...

Friday Facts #417 - Space Age development

18 days ago

Hello we usually show finished stuff in Friday facts these days, but...

Friday Facts #416 - Fluids 2.0

25 days ago

Hello Grab your best lube, because it's time to talk about fluids!...

Friday Facts #415 - Fix, Improve, Optimize

about 1 month ago

Hello While a lot of time of 2.0 development has been spent...

Friday Facts #414 - Spoils of Agriculture

about 1 month ago

Hello, last week you've seen how Gleba looks, it's time to get...

Friday Facts #413 - Gleba

about 2 months ago

IntroductionAlbert Making a new world in Factorio is relatively "easy", just create...

Friday Facts #412 - Undo/Redo improvements & Car Latency driving

about 2 months ago

Hello We have another exciting batch of facts for you today. RedoStrangePan...

Friday Facts #411 - All about asteroids

2 months ago

Hello Welcome to Fearghall's Factorio Friday Facts! (FFFF, if you will.) Over...

Friday Facts #410 - Rocket turret & Target priorities

2 months ago

Hello We know you love to blow things up, and the Space...

Friday Facts #409 - Diminishing beacons

2 months ago

Hello Today we're going to take a look at a feature some...

Friday Facts #408 - Statistics improvements, Linux adventures

3 months ago

Hello welcome once again to the world of facts. StatisticsKlonan Do you...