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Last updated about 1 month ago

Why Did Visa Buy a $150K NFT? Why Does Anyone?

about 1 month ago

There are some very good reasons, it turns out, rooted in our...

Congress’s Misstep on Crypto Reporting Shows the Dangerous Allure of Surveillance

about 2 months ago

The visceral pushback to Sen. Rob Portman's reporting requirements isn't about avoiding...

Against the US Senate’s Heavy-Handed Crypto Provision

about 2 months ago

The bill as written has the potential to thrust every single transaction...

White House Unveiled as Puppet Master as New Amendment Threatens Crypto Industry

about 2 months ago

The administration’s public support of a restrictive amendment calls into question the...

US Stablecoin Regulation Could Lead to Geopolitical Competition

about 2 months ago

Recent regulatory developments could push stablecoins closer to the existing fiat system...

Parsing 3 Types of Risk in Digital Assets

about 2 months ago

In digital assets, high yields are ubiquitous, but it’s not always clear...

Crypto Volatility Index 2.0 Rolled Out With USDC Support

about 2 months ago

Users can now open USDC positions and stake CVI USDC through the...

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Expected to Pause Before Next Rally

about 2 months ago

Analysts expect bitcoin to pause at around $40K before its next leg...

Traders, Unswayed by Axie Infinity Hype, Are Aggressively Shorting AXS

about 2 months ago

Data underscores that It’s not that easy to win over a crypto...

How Decentralized Is DeFi?

about 2 months ago

Uniswap’s removal of a set of assets from its interface has the...

Market Wrap: Bitcoin Stalls After Short-Squeeze Rally

2 months ago

Technical data suggests lower support around $34,000 could stabilize the current pullback.

Why Stablecoins Are Suddenly in the News

2 months ago

From questions surrounding Tether's USDT to Circle's plan to go public, here...