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Last updated about 6 hours ago

Anthony Levandowski, Engineer at Center of Uber v. Waymo, Sentenced to 18 Months for Trade Theft

about 7 hours ago

Anthony Levandowski, the former Google autonomous vehicle engineer whose switch to Uber...

Dear God, Help Me, I'm Trying to Get 10,000 Digital Han Solo Cards

about 8 hours ago

Being quarantined has led many of us to do stupid, useless things...

Disney+ Wants You to Pay $30 Extra to Watch Mulan—and You Will

about 10 hours ago

As if the premium of ever-increasing streaming costs hadn’t already pummeled your...

Zombie Stories Are Going to Have to Change

about 11 hours ago

At the core of every book, video game, television series, or movie...

White House at a Total Fucking Loss to Explain Trump's TikTok Shakedown

about 11 hours ago

No one in the White House has any idea what the fuck...

Mulan Skips Most Theaters for $30 Disney+ Debut, Mandalorian Still on Track

about 11 hours ago

After several delays, Disney has finally settled on a release strategy for...

With Capacitive Controls and Wireless Charging, the EarFun Air Bring True Wireless Value in Spades

about 12 hours ago

EarFun Air True Wireless Airbuds | $44 | Amazon | Clip $10...

This Ransomware Stole $25 Million in 5 Months

about 12 hours ago

A ransomware variant called NetWalker is doing surprisingly well, even in this...

Ancient DNA From Preserved Cave Lions Reveals They Were a Unique Species

about 13 hours ago

A genetic analysis of ice age cave lions shows this species to...

Baby Boomers Are Experiencing Greater Cognitive Decline Than Previous Generations, Study Finds

about 14 hours ago

Baby boomers are experiencing a drop in cognitive function as they age...

Extreme Heat Could Cause as Many Deaths as All Infectious Diseases Combined

about 14 hours ago

If the world does not curb the rate at which it spews...

Presenting The Endless Doomscroller

about 14 hours ago

This morning, way too early if you ask me, the Gizmodo Slack...