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Last updated about 4 hours ago

Shy jumping spider cleans eyes in cute video

about 5 hours ago

This jumping spider looks like he's bashfully hiding his face while cleaning...

Weird commercial for Chocoballs

about 5 hours ago

12 years ago, this funny and weird Japanese commercial for Chocoballs was...

Want a MacBook? This one's under $250 and comes with a case!

about 5 hours ago

TL;DR: If you're looking for a low-cost computer for school or travel...

Extremely dramatic puppy doesn't want to swallow medicine at vet

about 5 hours ago

 The way this puppy acts at the vet is how I always...

See what happens when dry ice is mixed with clear slime

about 8 hours ago

See what happens when dry ice is mixed with clear slime.  The...

San Francisco "Painted Lady" gets pixelated makeover

about 8 hours ago

If you got the chance to paint a "Painted Lady," why not...

Man who hatched more than 2 million frog eggs unleashes frog army

about 8 hours ago

A man started a YouTube channel after collecting more than 2 million...

For a dose of pure wholesomeness, watch Welcome to Wrexham

about 9 hours ago

In between seasons of Ted Lasso, I found myself having withdrawal. I...

15 million bees let loose on highway following truck accident

about 10 hours ago

Oh god, no! Not the bees Drivers on interstate 95 in Maine...

Swedish author steals the show with humor and honesty

about 11 hours ago

In this hilarious and heartwarming video, international bestselling author Fredrik Backman takes...

Toddler has his very own backyard roller coaster

about 11 hours ago

This roller coaster for a 2 year old looks like so much...