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Last updated 23 minutes ago

Cool Tools interview with comic book writer, Sam Maggs

23 minutes ago

My guest on the Cool Tools podcast this week is Sam Maggs...

Good deal on a Tile Bluetooth tracker 4-pack

37 minutes ago

A few years ago I was at Maker Faire with my family...

"Happy" is Danny Elfman's first solo song in 36 years and it'll give you chills

40 minutes ago

Move over Pharrell Williams, there's a new "Happy" in town and it's...

Funny ad for Biden campaign

about 1 hour ago

I enjoyed this clever ad for Biden, and it appealed to my...

Philly police smashed a car's windows, beat black driver while child was in backseat

about 1 hour ago

A few days ago I posted this video of police officers pulling...

It's Halloween, which means local news copaganda falsely claiming drugs, poisoned candy and razor blades are handed out to kids

about 2 hours ago

There are many such stories every year, but today we'll be picking...

UK coronavirus spread already worse than winter worst-case scenario

about 2 hours ago

As many as 100,000 people a day in the UK are catching...

Interview with two pollsters who say a Trump win is likely

about 2 hours ago

Shy Trump voters put Trump in office in 2016 and they could...

Food scientist thinks people should overcome their reluctance to eat maggots that feed on waste

about 2 hours ago

Professor Louw Hoffman of the University of Queenslands wants people to eat...

Stolen (and recovered) collection of rare Batman comics to be auctioned

about 3 hours ago

Heritage Auctions is selling a famous collection of Batman comic books, ones...

This football play-by-play commentary is far more entertaining than the game itself

about 4 hours ago

i broke down DK Metcalf running 22 miles per hour pic.twitter.com/bct9srwryB— Mike...

In The Labyrinth, Simon Stålenhag's alien tech turns dystopian

about 4 hours ago

The Labyrinth is a new narrative art book by Simon Stålenhag (previously...