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Last updated 1 day ago

Friday Squid Blogging: Person in Squid Suit Takes Dog for a Walk

1 day ago

No, I don’t understand it, either As usual, you can also use...

I Am Not Satoshi Nakamoto

1 day ago

This isn’t the first time I’ve received an e-mail like this Hey!...

The Proliferation of Zero-days

1 day ago

The MIT Technology Review is reporting that 2021 is a blockbuster year...


3 days ago

ROT8000 is the Unicode equivalent of ROT13. What’s clever about it is...

FBI Had the REvil Decryption Key

4 days ago

The Washington Post reports that the FBI had a decryption key for...

Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services Hack

5 days ago

Apparently, a nation-state hacked Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services Not...

Friday Squid Blogging: Ram’s Horn Squid Shells

8 days ago

You can find ram’s horn squid shells on beaches in Texas (and...

Zero-Click iMessage Exploit

9 days ago

Citizen Lab released a report on a zero-click iMessage exploit that is...

Identifying Computer-Generated Faces

11 days ago

It’s the eyes The researchers note that in many cases, users can...

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

12 days ago

This is a current list of where and when I am scheduled...

Designing Contact-Tracing Apps

13 days ago

Susan Landau wrote an essay on the privacy, efficacy, and equity of...

Friday Squid Blogging: Possible Evidence of Squid Paternal Care

15 days ago

Researchers have found possible evidence of paternal care among bigfin reef squid...