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Last updated 43 minutes ago

Surf Sensor Adds Depth To Finding The Ultimate Wave

about 1 hour ago

To say that the ocean is a dynamic environment would be a...

Building a Water Rocket That Lands Via Parachute

about 4 hours ago

Water rockets are plenty of fun, but they can be even more...

Drawing Robot Creates Portraits Using Pen, Paper and Algorithms

about 7 hours ago

Although the market for hand-drawn portraits largely collapsed following the invention of...

Modified Car Alternator Powers Speedy DIY e-Bike

about 10 hours ago

Your garden variety automotive alternator is ripe for repurposing as is, but...

Mastering Memory for Microcontrollers: Elecia White to Deliver Remoticon Keynote

about 11 hours ago

I’m excited to share the news that Elecia White will deliver a...

Fast Indoor Robot Watches Ceiling Lights, Instead of the Road

about 12 hours ago

[Andy]’s robot is an autonomous RC car, and he shares the localization...

VCF East 2021: Novasaur TTL Computer Sets the Bar

about 13 hours ago

There was certainly no shortage of unique computers on display at the...

Soft Robotics Hack Chat

about 14 hours ago

Join us on Wednesday, October 27 at noon Pacific for the Soft...

The Longest Ever Flight Was Over 64 Days In A Cessna 172

about 15 hours ago

Often, when we think of long-endurance flights, our first thoughts jump to...

Fail of the Week: Alternator Powered Electric Go-Kart doesn’t Go

about 15 hours ago

What do you give a six-year-old who loves going fast but doesn’t...

Tackle the Monkey: Raspberry Pi Gets Round Screen

about 19 hours ago

You could argue that the project to add a round screen to...

Mesmerizing Mechanical Seven-Segment Display

about 22 hours ago

Seven-segment displays are ubiquitous. From where I’m writing this, I can see...