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Last updated about 2 months ago

Attending a Video Conference

about 2 months ago

When attending a video conference, make sure you are using the latest...

Kids and Family Members

about 2 months ago

If you have children visiting or staying with family members (such as...


4 months ago

Ransomware is a special type of malware. Once it infected your computer...

Unique Passwords

4 months ago

Make sure each of your accounts has a separate, unique password. Can't...

Updating Plugins

5 months ago

Every plugin or add-on you install in your browser can expose you...

Hosting a Video Conference

5 months ago

When hosting a video conference, make sure you password protect the conference...

Secure Your Home Wi-Fi Router

6 months ago

The most effective steps you can take to secure your wireless network...


8 months ago

Privacy is more than just settings in your Social Media account or...

Messaging / Smishing Attacks

9 months ago

Cyber attackers can just as easily trick or fool you in messaging...

Digital Inheritance

9 months ago

What happens to our digital presence when we die or become incapacitated...

Got Backups?

11 months ago

Eventually, we all have an accident or get hacked. And when we...

Scamming You Through Social Media

11 months ago

You may be aware that cyber attacks will try to trick you...