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Last updated 3 days ago

Building a faster, smarter, Chromebook experience with the best of Google technologies

3 days ago

ChromeOS will soon be developed on large portions of the Android stack...

How Chrome achieved the highest score ever on Speedometer 3

9 days ago

Today’s The Fast and the Curious post explores how Chrome achieved the...

Introducing Shared Memory Versioning to improve slow interactions

12 days ago

On the Chrome team, we believe it’s not sufficient to be fast...

Manifest V2 phase-out begins

16 days ago

In November 2023, we shared a timeline for the phasing out of...

Multi-tasking with Minimized Custom Tabs

17 days ago

In the latest release of Chrome, we're introducing Minimized Custom Tabs, a...

Advancing Our Amazing Bet on Asymmetric Cryptography

23 days ago

Google and many other organizations, such as NIST, IETF, and NSA, believe...

How Machine Learning improved the Chrome address bar on Windows, Mac and ChromeOS

about 2 months ago

Used billions of times each day, the Chrome address bar (which we...

Fighting cookie theft using device bound sessions

2 months ago

Cookies – small files created by sites you visit – are fundamental...

Speedometer 3: Building a benchmark that represents the web

3 months ago

Today’s The Fast and the Curious post covers the release of Speedometer...

Optimizing Safe Browsing checks in Chrome

4 months ago

Balancing security and usability is always top of mind for us as...

Chromium Issue Tracker migration is complete

4 months ago

We are thrilled to share that Chromium issue tracking has migrated! Access...

Chromium Issue Tracker migration beginning Feb 2, 2024 at 5pm PST

4 months ago

As we shared last year, Chromium is moving to a different issue...