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Project Zero

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Last updated 11 days ago

Fuzzing Closed-Source JavaScript Engines with Coverage Feedback

11 days ago

Posted by Ivan Fratric, Project Zero tl;dr I combined Fuzzilli (an open-source...

Understanding Network Access in Windows AppContainers

about 1 month ago

Posted by James Forshaw, Project ZeroRecently I've been delving into the inner...

An EPYC escape: Case-study of a KVM breakout

3 months ago

Posted by Felix Wilhelm, Project ZeroIntroduction KVM (for Kernel-based Virtual Machine) is...

Fuzzing iOS code on macOS at native speed

4 months ago

Or how iOS apps on macOS work under the hood Posted by...

Designing sockfuzzer, a network syscall fuzzer for XNU

5 months ago

Posted by Ned Williamson, Project Zero Introduction When I started my 20%...

Policy and Disclosure: 2021 Edition

5 months ago

Posted by Tim Willis, Project Zero At Project Zero, we spend a...

Who Contains the Containers?

6 months ago

Posted by James Forshaw, Project Zero This is a short blog post...

In-the-Wild Series: October 2020 0-day discovery

6 months ago

Posted by Maddie Stone, Project Zero In October 2020, Google Project Zero...

Déjà vu-lnerability

8 months ago

A Year in Review of 0-days Exploited In-The-Wild in 2020Posted by Maddie...

A Look at iMessage in iOS 14

8 months ago

Posted By Samuel Groß, Project ZeroOn December 20, Citizenlab published “The Great...

Windows Exploitation Tricks: Trapping Virtual Memory Access

8 months ago

Posted by James Forshaw, Project ZeroThis blog is a continuation of my...

The State of State Machines

8 months ago

Posted by Natalie Silvanovich, Project ZeroOn January 29, 2019, a serious vulnerability...