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Last updated almost 2 years ago

Does LASIK Cause Dry Eye? 5 Surprising Facts About LASIK

almost 2 years ago

Everyone has heard of LASIK. But how much do you really know...

Laser Day Flow

almost 2 years ago

You might be wondering was laser day will look like

Farsighted Frustration: Is LASIK an Option for Those Who Can’t See Up Close?

about 2 years ago

Many farsighted people are not aware they don’t have to be stuck...

Busted! Debunking the 3 Most Common Myths About Cataract Surgery

about 2 years ago

Minnesota Eye Surgeon Explains Why Patients Aren't "Doomed" to a Life of...

See it Forward 5K 2022

over 2 years ago

The Chu Vision Foundation’s Annual 5K run/walk is back after a two-year...

EVO ICL, Implantable Contact Lenses in Minneapolis

over 2 years ago

Chu Vision offers the new EVO Implantable Contact Lens to patients in...

Cataracts In Patients Who’ve Had LASIK

over 2 years ago

Can you have cataract surgery if you had LASIK when you were...

Surgery Day Flow

over 2 years ago

You may be wondering what your surgery morning will look like.

What Patient’s LOVE about LASIK at Chu Vision Institute

over 2 years ago

We want to tell you what our patients LOVE about LASIK at...

Light Adjustable Lens for Cataract Patients in Bloomington, MN

over 2 years ago

Chu Vision has added Light Adjustable Lens to our list of options...

Frequently Asked Questions about VUITY Eye Drop for reading vision

over 2 years ago

Frequently asked questions about VUITY patients have been wanting to know.

FDA Approves First Eye Drop to Treat "Over-40 Vision" as Alternative to Readers!

over 2 years ago

FDA Approves First Eye Drop to Treat "Over-40 Vision" as Alternative to...