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Last updated 9 minutes ago

How should America regulate TikTok and other Chinese tech companies?

11 minutes ago

I say focus on data protection but let them keep the algorithm...

Unintended Consequences of Criminalizing Sex Work

about 10 hours ago

We examine the impact of criminalizing sex work, exploiting an event in...

Monday assorted links

about 12 hours ago

1. More detail on the Venus phosphine discovery 2. Wes Pegden on...

What should I ask Audrey Tang?

about 14 hours ago

I will be doing a Conversation with Taiwanese Digital Minister Audrey Tang...

America, meet India

about 23 hours ago

Tata group has received approval from the Drug Controller General of India...

From my email, on QAnon

about 24 hours ago

This is perhaps a bit whacky, but along similar-ish lines to the...

America fact of the day

1 day ago

…according to recent polls from Quinnipiac and Monmouth, 38 percent of registered...

Sunday assorted links

1 day ago

1. More American soft power: it seems BLM is one reason why...

What does QAnon stand for?

2 days ago

Here is my Bloomberg column on that question.  This is not my...

Claims about antibodies and T-cells and Sweden

2 days ago

Buggert’s study in Sweden seems to support this position. Investigating close family...

Saturday assorted links

2 days ago

1. New York Film Festival looks strong this year 2. Tattoo artists...

Our Antigens, Our Selves

3 days ago

In 2013 ago I wrote, Our DNA, Our Selves, arguing against the...