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Last updated about 7 hours ago

Maradona Plays Minimax

about 7 hours ago

This paper tests the theory of mixed strategy equilibrium using Maradona’s penalty...

*Peace, Poverty and Betrayal*

about 9 hours ago

The author is Roderick Matthews, and the subtitle is A New History...

Texas Covid and school reopenings

about 22 hours ago

Mostly I think American schools have been closed for way too long...

How to build *actually* inclusive companies

about 22 hours ago

How to do build *actually* inclusive companies – Dump credentialism. – Seek...

The Essential James Buchanan

1 day ago

The Essential James Buchanan is an excellent new primer on Buchanan written...

Andy Weir’s *Project Hail Mary*

1 day ago

It is very good, in the problem-solving mode of The Martian, you...

Network Structure in Small Groups and Survival in Disasters

1 day ago

I wonder if tbenhis kind of result might apply to more than...

Sunday assorted links

2 days ago

1. Does simply standardizing health care contracts reap most of the benefits...

Offense vs. defense in the current NBA

2 days ago

…I do have to grudgingly admit the evidence seems to suggest that...

Unmask the Vaccinated?

2 days ago

Ilya Somin points us to legal scholars Kevin Cope and Alexander Stremitzer...

Elon on SNL

2 days ago

He started by declaring that he speaks in a monotone and “has...

From the comments, on restaurant labor and UI

2 days ago

I own a restaurant and bar in a rural community in western...