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Last updated about 1 hour ago

A central bank digital currency is not a good idea, redux

about 2 hours ago

The introduction of a central bank digital currency (CBDC) allows the central...

The missionary roots of liberal democracy

about 12 hours ago

I had not known of this important piece.  From 2012, by Robert...

Thursday assorted links

about 14 hours ago

1. Toward a simple critique of applications and why most of them...

Willingness to be Paid: Who Trains for Tech Jobs?

1 day ago

Here is a new paper from Joy Buchanan, Emergent Ventures winner Having...

In praise of art books

1 day ago

Running out of things to read?  Do you ever have the sneaky...

Education sentences to ponder

1 day ago

The unemployment rate for young college graduates exceeds that of the general...

Wednesday assorted links

1 day ago

1. Race in Stanford economics enrollment 2. The political composition of journalists,...

Random Critical Analysis on Health Care

2 days ago

The excellent Random Critical Analysis has a long blog post, really a...

Science sentences to ponder: citations vs. innovations

2 days ago

We demonstrate empirically that measures of novelty are correlated with but distinct...

The bureaucratization of U.S. foreign policy

2 days ago

The NSC [National Security Council] was established in the 1947 National Security...

Apply for Emergent Ventures

2 days ago

The application form is here, lists of previous cohorts of winners are...

Tuesday assorted links

3 days ago

1. Review of a new and apparently impressive biography of Frank Ramsey...