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Last updated 4 days ago

The class gap in academic career progression

4 days ago

There is a new and excellent paper by Anna Stansbury and Kyra...

Friday assorted links

4 days ago

1. MIE: “Shake Shack’s Crinkle Cut Fries Have Been Reimagined as a...

Update on the Supervillains (maybe that’s you)

4 days ago

The law’s price controls will also deter companies from developing new medicines...

Matt Yglesias on neoliberalism and economic growth

4 days ago

And it’s worth asking: Is it true that since 1974, policy debate...

Narco-pentcostalism in Brazil?

5 days ago

Reports that a powerful Rio drug lord known for his extremist religious...

Bryan Caplan on YIMBY in the NYT

5 days ago

Here is one excerpt What few appreciate is that the overregulation of...

Thursday assorted links

5 days ago

1. Singapore fact of the day uh-oh 2. Benjamin Schneider on robotaxis....

The polity that is Hawaii

5 days ago

From an MR reader The most Democratic legislature in the country passed...

My excellent Conversation with Brian Winter

5 days ago

Here is the video, audio, and transcript.  Here is the episode summary...

Wednesday assorted links

6 days ago

1. Tibetan reincarnation sex appeal as a factor 2. How much is...

Rent Control

6 days ago

Kholodilin offers a comprehensive review of the literature on rent control, some...

The tourist culture that is Copenhagen

6 days ago

A new fee for Venice day trippers. A looming ban on vacation...