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Last updated 3 months ago

Keeping tabs on Covid-19: Vaccine results show encouraging signs in UK and China...

3 months ago

The latest updates from the world of pharma as work to develop...

Patent and know-how licensing: Going beyond the textbooks

11 months ago

Charlotte Tillett, Partner at Stevens & Bolton LLP, discusses the key concerns...

US Launch: Five litigation strategies European biosimilar developers should know

12 months ago

Joshua Whitehill and Natasha Daughtrey, Goodwin, share insight on how European developers...

The Future of Pharma: How to manage global complexity

about 1 year ago

This one day online event will look into the role of AI...

The growing need for RegTech in the Pharmaceutical Industry

over 1 year ago

Caroline Shleifer, co-founder of RegAsk, discusses the true cost of non-compliance

Key steps to advance medical device information security and privacy

over 1 year ago

Patrick Reichmann discusses how to address the key regulatory challenges in the...

[Case Study] How Sanofi managed material compliance for 500 UK employees with ju...

over 1 year ago

In just three months, Sanofi automated over 600 approved materials and accounts...

3 Ways to Stay (Nearly) Legislation-Proof in the Medical Industry

over 1 year ago

In a dynamic legislative environment, Marc Helberg, VP at Pariveda Solutions, shares...

What does the future hold for regulatory information management?

over 1 year ago

Romauald Braun, VP of Strategy for Life Sciences at Amplexor discusses how...

FDA braces for increase in cell and gene therapies

almost 2 years ago

By 2020, the FDA expects to receive over 200 IND applications per...

Doubts over ‘No Deal’ rise: How Pharma is preparing for Brexit

almost 2 years ago

Following the majority rejection of a proposed withdrawal agreement, the pharmaceutical industry...

Pfizer loses Lyrica patent case in UK Supreme Court

almost 2 years ago

The UK market is now open for competitors to manufacture generic versions...