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Last updated 1 day ago

Adulting: Everything You Need to Know But Were Afraid To Ask

1 day ago

Adulting is a pain in the ***. At least that was the...

Loki Review: Loki Learns the Meaning of Love… Kind Of

1 day ago

This week in Doctor Who, wait no. Let’s try that again. This...

Review: Broken Top Juniper Smoke Candle

1 day ago

Is there anything better than the smell of fresh-cut grass or that...

Here Are 23 of the Best Recession Proof Jobs

2 days ago

As much as we'd like to avoid them, economic recessions are just...

Review: AquaSonic Pulse Electric Toothbrush

2 days ago

Most electric toothbrushes cost upwards of $70 and are not exactly travel-worthy...

How Much Is a Downpayment on a House?

3 days ago

Mortgage lenders traditionally have wanted to see borrowers put down 20% of...

Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson Named one of ‘Earth’s Mightiest Athletes’

3 days ago

Russell Wilson isn’t just a quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks — he’s...

The Double-Edged Sword of Middle Eastern Stories in YA Fantasy

3 days ago

A couple of weeks ago, an announcement on Twitter caught my attention...

Dealing with Addiction and Its Financial Consequences – Hope Has Arrived

3 days ago

In June 2018, my wife, Cathy, and I decided to publish the...

Overcoming Addiction – A Recovering Addict’s Perspective

3 days ago

Today's post,  Overcoming Addiction – A Recovering Addict's Perspective, is unique. It's...

Review: Velvet Was the Night is a New Classic Slowburn Noir Novel

3 days ago

Is there any genre that Silvia Moreno-Garcia cannot write? I remember being...

What You Need To Know About a Sinking Fund

3 days ago

We all have something special we'd like to buy for our home...