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Samsung Q60, Q70, Q80, Q90 Dimming Zones

1 minute ago

Does anyone know how many dimming zones each of Samsung's QLED TV's...

National Lab Teams Create Densest Object on Earth

31 minutes ago

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IT happens: Facebook sorry for vulgar translation of Xi Jinping's name - CNA

36 minutes ago

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Internet to be partially restored in Kashmir but social media ban stays

about 2 hours ago

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Cloud-native networking startup Containous closes $10M funding round

about 2 hours ago

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Boeing finds another software flaw that might delay 737 Max's return

about 2 hours ago

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Lexus imagines space vehicles for humans on the Moon

about 2 hours ago

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Instagram tests Direct Messaging on web where encryption fails

about 3 hours ago

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Android security

about 4 hours ago

Several times recently people have said that Android security is horrible compared...

Home eye exam device?

about 4 hours ago

Would it be possible to create a home/personal device that could do...