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Last updated about 19 hours ago

Using JAX to accelerate our research

1 day ago

Here we share our experience of working with JAX, outline why we...

AlphaFold: a solution to a 50-year-old grand challenge in biology

5 days ago

In a major scientific advance, the latest version of our AI systemAlphaFoldhas...

FermiNet: Quantum Physics and Chemistry from First Principles

about 2 months ago

Weve developed a new neural network architecture, the Fermionic Neural Network or...

Traffic prediction with advanced Graph Neural Networks

3 months ago

Working with our partners at Google Maps, we used advanced machine learning...

Applying for technical roles

6 months ago

We answer the Women in Machine Learning community's questions about applying for...

Using AI to predict retinal disease progression

7 months ago

Vision loss among the elderly is a major healthcare issue: about one...

Specification gaming: the flip side of AI ingenuity

8 months ago

Specification gaming is a behaviour that satisfies the literal specification of an...

Towards understanding glasses with graph neural networks

8 months ago

Under a microscope, a pane of window glass doesnt look like a...

Agent57: Outperforming the human Atari benchmark

8 months ago

Agent57: Outperforming the Human Atari Benchmark

A new model and dataset for long-range memory

10 months ago

This blog introduces a new long-range memory model, the Compressive Transformer, alongside...