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Troy Hunt

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Last updated 1 day ago

Humans are Bad at URLs and Fonts Don’t Matter

1 day ago

Been a lot of "victim blaming" going on these last few days...

Weekly Update 214

6 days ago

It's a very tired weekly update as I struggle a little bit...

Weekly Update 213

12 days ago

The week's update comes on the back of a very long week...

Customised Ubiquiti Clients and Randomised MAC Addresses on Apple Devices

14 days ago

You know how some people are what you'd call "house proud" in...

Weekly Update 212

20 days ago

It's a bit of a mega one this week running over the...

Welcoming the Canadian Government to Have I Been Pwned

23 days ago

Following in the footsteps of many other national governments before them, I'm...

Weekly Update 211

27 days ago

This week there's a lot of connected things: connected shoes, connected garage...

Hacking Grindr Accounts with Copy and Paste

27 days ago

Sexuality, relationships and online dating are all rather personal things. They're aspects...

Weekly Update 210

about 1 month ago

Wow, 4 years already. Regardless of where I've been in the world...

Weekly Update 209

about 1 month ago

More IoT, more cyber and more Q&A so yeah, business as usual...

Padlocks, Phishing and Privacy; The Value Proposition of a VPN

about 1 month ago

I want a "secure by default" internet with all the things encrypted...

Weekly Update 208

about 2 months ago

The highlight of my week was absolutely getting the Shelly 1 units...