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Troy Hunt

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Last updated about 8 hours ago

Weekly Update 262

about 8 hours ago

5 years of weekly updates, wow. It's not like anything of much...

Weekly Update 261

8 days ago

Never a dull moment! Most important stuff this week is talking about...

Weekly Update 260

16 days ago

An early one today as I made space in the schedule to...

You Don't Need to Burn off Your Fingertips (and Other Biometric Authentication Myths)

17 days ago

111 years ago almost to the day, a murder was committed which...

Welcoming the Czech Republic Government to Have I Been Pwned

20 days ago

For the last few years, I've been welcome national governments to Have...

Weekly Update 259

22 days ago

I'm  back from the most epic of holidays! How epic? Just have...

Weekly Update 258

about 1 month ago

A really brief intro as this is my last key strokes before...

Weekly Update 257

about 1 month ago

It all feels a bit "business as usual" this week; data breaches...

Hello CISO - Brought to You in Collaboration with 1Password

about 1 month ago

Today I'm really excited to announce a big piece of work 1Password...

Weekly Update 256

about 1 month ago

Well this week went on for a bit, an hour and 6...

Why No HTTPS? The 2021 Version

about 1 month ago

More than 3 years ago now, Scott Helme and I launched a...

Welcoming the Turkish Government to Have I Been Pwned

about 2 months ago

Today I'm very happy to welcome the national Turkish CERT to Have...