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Last updated about 5 hours ago

Best Practices for Digital Twin Implementation

about 6 hours ago

Today, forward-thinking companies across industries are implementing digital twin technology in increasingly...

PostgreSQL Connection Pooling: Part 4 – PgBouncer vs Pgpool-II

about 11 hours ago

In our previous posts in this series, we spoke at length about...

7 Best Practices in GIT for Your Code Quality

about 12 hours ago

There is no doubt that Git plays a significant role in software...

4 New Realities That Are (Finally) Shaking Up Security

about 15 hours ago

“Security used to be an inconvenience sometimes, but now it’s a necessity...

How the Shift to Remote Work Has Affected Data Protection Needs

about 15 hours ago

According to a recent report from McKinsey, in April alone, an estimated...

OWASP Top 10 API Security

about 16 hours ago

I am sure that almost all of you would be aware about...

Extend VPC Instances with Cloud Functions, Activity Tracker with LogDNA, and Schematics

about 16 hours ago

Reserving a floating IP for one or two VSIs sounds easy. But...

10 Python Particulars to Know

about 17 hours ago

Like many software developers, I have learned my share of software languages...

WebAssembly Threads in Firefox

about 17 hours ago

This article covers Returning the response headers needed to enable the SharedArrayBuffer...

Using Terraform for Managing Infrastructure

about 17 hours ago

What is Terraform Terraform is a tool that is used for building,...

5 Curious C++ Lambda Examples: Recursion, constexpr, Containers, and More

about 17 hours ago

Please have a look at my quick blog post where I'll show...

Top 10 AWS Cloud Migration Tools and Services

about 17 hours ago

Before looking at the 10 best cloud application migration services, you need...