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Last updated 6 days ago

This Meeting Should Have Been an Email

about 1 month ago

A DPRK stealer, dubbed BeaverTail, targets users via a trojanized meeting app...

Apple Gets an 'F' for Slicing Apples

5 months ago

Universal binaries contain multiple architecture-specific Mach-O, known as slices ...however, it turns...

Why Join The Navy If You Can Be A Pirate?

6 months ago

From a security point of view, pirating software is not recommended! Let's...

Analyzing DPRK's SpectralBlur

7 months ago

The first malware of 2024 is (already) here. Let's dive in!

The Mac Malware of 2023

7 months ago

It's here! Our annual report on all the Mac malware of the...

It's Turtles All The Way Down

8 months ago

Yet more ransomware targeting macOS! In this post we analyze the newly...

The LockBit ransomware (kinda) comes for macOS

over 1 year ago

The infamous LockBit ransomware group has created a macOS variant. In this...

Ironing out (the macOS) details of a Smooth Operator (Part II)

over 1 year ago

Analyzing UpdateAgent, the 2nd-stage macOS payload of the 3CX supply chain attack

Ironing out (the macOS details) of a Smooth Operator

over 1 year ago

The 3CX supply chain attack gives us an opportunity to analyze a...

Where there is love, there is ...malware?

over 1 year ago

Today, Valentine's day, is a day to celebrate love, and for better...

The Mac Malware of 2022

over 1 year ago

It's here! Our annual report on all the Mac malware of the...

How Shlayer Hides its Configuration

over 1 year ago

The prolific adware known as Shlayer continues to evolve in creative ways...