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Last updated about 2 hours ago

Artificial Light Keeps Mosquitoes Biting Late into the Night

about 2 hours ago

It is like when your cell phone keeps you awake in bed—except...

Giant Mud Volcano Reveals Its Powerful Explosive Secrets

about 4 hours ago

Scientists probe an exceptionally explosive phenomenon -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Huge Chinese Rocket Falls to Earth over Arabian Peninsula

about 22 hours ago

Debris from the 20-metric-ton booster reportedly splashed down in the Indian Ocean...

Biden's Climate Bet Rests on Enacting a Clean Electricity Standard

about 22 hours ago

It is uncertain if a highly divided Congress will pass such a...

Damage to a Protective Shield around the Brain May Lead to Alzheimer's and Other Diseases

about 23 hours ago

The blood-brain barrier deteriorates with aging, but animal studies indicate repairs can...

Brood X Cicadas Are Emerging at Last

about 24 hours ago

The Great Eastern Brood has been underground for 17 years. Here’s what...

Biodiversity Conservation Should Start in Biden's Backyard

1 day ago

The president can set a powerful example for the U.S. and the...

The Forgotten History of the World's First Trans Clinic

1 day ago

The Institute for Sexual Research in Berlin would be a century old...

It's Time to Reevaluate How We Talk about COVID Risk

1 day ago

It exists on a spectrum, and pretending activities are either deadly or...

Genes Linked to Self-Awareness in Modern Humans Were Less Common in Neandertals

1 day ago

Brain networks for memory and planning may have set us apart from...

Disgust Can Be Morally Valuable

2 days ago

Repugnance at wrongs such as hatred, hypocrisy and cheating are reasonable, but...

The Woman Who Solved a Cicada Mystery--but Got No Recognition

2 days ago

Margaretta Hare Morris discovered that the hordes of chirping insects that will...