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Last updated about 10 hours ago

Pablo Escobar's Hippos Could Endanger Colombian Ecology

about 10 hours ago

Hippos that escaped from drug kingpin Pablo Escobar's private zoo are reproducing...

Scientists Question China's Decision Not to Report Symptom-Free Coronavirus Cases

about 11 hours ago

Researchers say that excluding these people could conceal the epidemic’s true extent...

Bumblebees Solve a 17th-Century Psychological Puzzle

about 12 hours ago

By answering the question posed in Molyneux’s problem the invertebrates may have...

Can India Save the Warming Planet?

about 13 hours ago

Energy decisions that India makes in the next few years could profoundly...

Would a Green New Deal Add or Kill Jobs?

about 14 hours ago

A shift to renewable energy powered by a carbon tax would create...

Climate Change Sparked Note of Consensus in Raucous Democratic Debate

about 15 hours ago

The main point of disagreement on climate was on the role of...

Carbon Taxes Would Boost Jobs across the U.S.

about 15 hours ago

Construction and manufacturing careers would rise nationwide -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Solar and Wind Power Could Ignite a Hydrogen Energy Comeback

about 17 hours ago

Hydrogen, produced from water by surplus electricity, could power industry and the...

99 Percent of Families Prefer Yeasty Bread

about 19 hours ago

Originally published in February 1860 -- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

If You Want Creative Solutions, Keep Your Team Small

about 19 hours ago

Large collaborations in science are sometimes necessary, but size can also stifle...

New Horizons May Have Solved Planet Formation Cold Case

about 20 hours ago

An encounter with Arrokoth at the outskirts of the solar system offers...

Wasp Nests Help Date Aboriginal Art

1 day ago

Art created by Australian Aboriginal people used organic carbon-free pigments, but wasp...