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Last updated about 2 hours ago

How You Can Help Stop Invasive Spotted Lanternflies

about 2 hours ago

Scientists are collecting photographs of the insects’ eggs to train an algorithm...

During a Rodent Quadrathlon, Researchers Learn That Ground Squirrels Have Personalities

about 2 hours ago

The rodents’ personalities may help them to secure territory and avoid prey...

Immigrants in U.S. Detention Exposed to Hazardous Disinfectants Every Day

about 3 hours ago

Chemical concentrations exceed EPA limits, and new human studies suggest they could...

Vaccinate the World before Starting COVID Booster Shots

about 5 hours ago

Fewer than 0.5 percent of vaccine doses have been distributed to people...

The Longer Short List Effect

about 6 hours ago

How to increase the consideration of female candidates for male-gendered roles --...

If Algae Has Not Found Its Way Onto Your Plate Yet, It Probably Will Soon

about 22 hours ago

A new video series from Scientific American and Spektrum der Wissenschaft gives...

Stop Torturing Animals in the Name of Science

about 23 hours ago

Four centuries after Descartes declared them to be mere machines that didn’t...

Democrats Seek 'Historic' Changes to U.S. Flood Program

about 24 hours ago

Proposed legislation includes funding to redo badly out-of-date flood risk maps --...

SpaceX's Starship Could Rocket-Boost Research in Space

1 day ago

The platform could aid climate science, space junk cleanup and planetary exploration...

Australian Bush Fires Belched Out Immense Quantity of Carbon

1 day ago

The 2019–20 wildfires generated 700 million tonnes of carbon dioxide—but a lot...

SpaceX Launches Four Civilians into Orbit on Historic Inspiration4 Flight

1 day ago

The crew will spend the next few days in space before returning...

Masks Protect Schoolkids From COVID Despite What Antiscience Politicians Claim

1 day ago

Florida governor Ron DeSantis and politicians in Texas say research does not...