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Last updated about 13 hours ago

How Ginsburg's Death Threatens the Affordable Care Act and Reproductive Rights

about 13 hours ago

As the Trump administration eyes a speedy replacement, the court will hear...

The Quantum Butterfly Non-Effect

about 13 hours ago

A concept familiar from chaos theory turns out to work differently in...

Mining Rare-Earth Elements from...Fossilized Fish???

about 18 hours ago

Strange as it might seem, a 2,500-square-km. zone south of one tiny...

For Math Fans: A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Number 42

about 18 hours ago

Here is how a perfectly ordinary number captured the interest of sci-fi...

Ruth Bader Ginsburg's Death Is One More Terrible Blow in a Year of Loss

1 day ago

She was a champion of equality under the law, and would have...

We Need to Do More Research on Honesty

1 day ago

Scientists and philosophers know a lot about why we lie. Now let’s...

Readers Respond to the May 2020 Issue

1 day ago

-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Leaves a Nuanced Legacy on Environmental Issues

2 days ago

Her jurisprudence involved complex considerations of climate change lawsuits and greenhouse gas...

Who Benefits from Public Green Space?

3 days ago

The High Line in New York shows that can be the wealthy...

Jaws: Classic Film, Crummy Science

4 days ago

45 years after the movie made everyone afraid to wade into the...

Hurricane Sally's Major Flooding Exposes Flaws in FEMA Maps

4 days ago

Tens of thousands of homeowners face financial losses because they were not...

Who Will Get a COVID-19 Vaccine First? Access Plans Are Taking Shape

4 days ago

Advisory groups around the world have released guidance to prioritize healthcare workers...