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Last updated about 7 hours ago

Stretchy, bendy, flexible LEDs

3 days ago

Engineers have developed a way to print stretchy LEDs on unconventional surfaces...

Infant planet discovered

4 days ago

One of the youngest planets ever found around a distant infant star...

Controlling light with a material three atoms thick

4 days ago

Thin structures made of black phosphorus can tune the properties of light...

Need for larger space telescope inspires lightweight flexible holographic lens

4 days ago

Inspired by a concept for discovering exoplanets with a giant space telescope...

Electrical control over designer quantum materials

4 days ago

In the past few years, suitably engineered stacks of two-dimensional materials have...

Chemists develop a fundamentally new mode of adsorption

5 days ago

A research team has made a breakthrough in surface science by introducing...

New material could pave the way for better, safer batteries

5 days ago

A material derived from trees could potentially replace liquid electrolytes in next-generation...

Shape-shifting materials with infinite possibilities

5 days ago

Researchers have developed a shape-shifting material that can take and hold any...

How pearls achieve nanoscale precision

5 days ago

In research that could inform future high-performance nanomaterials, a study has uncovered...

Astronomers provide 'field guide' to exoplanets known as hot Jupiters

5 days ago

By combining Hubble Space Telescope observations with theoretical models, a team of...

New photonic chip for isolating light may be key to miniaturizing quantum devices

5 days ago

Light plays a critical role in enabling 21st century quantum information applications...