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Last updated over 2 years ago

Azure Synapse Data Explorer for Log & Telemetry Management | Data Exposed

over 2 years ago

Azure's best-kept secret is now a part of Synapse! Watch this episode...

OData Batching with ASP.NET Core | On .NET

over 2 years ago

OData (Open Data Protocol) can be considered an extension to REST that...

Deploy OpenAPI enabled Azure Functions with .NET in Visual Studio | Azure Friday

over 2 years ago

Justin Yoo joins Scott Hanselman to demonstrate an extension he developed for...

Large Object Heap Churn in .NET | On .NET

over 2 years ago

Mike Rousos is back again! This time Mike shows us how to...

Looking at Azure yesterday, today, and tomorrow with Jason Zander | Azure Friday

over 2 years ago

Jason Zander, executive vice president of the Azure Team joins Scott Hanselman...

Data Loading Best Practices on Azure SQL Database | Data Exposed

over 2 years ago

Learn about best practices of loading data to Azure SQL Database, how...

Behind the scenes of Keurig's SMART coffee brewers powered by Azure IoT Central | Internet of Things Show

over 2 years ago

Connected coffee brewers are a thing and Keurig's new solution goes way...

DevOps Lab | Increasing Collaboration with Communication: GitHub and Microsoft Teams | The DevOps Lab

over 2 years ago

On this week's episode, Jay Gordon is here to walk us through...

Welcome to Visual Studio 2022 – by Scott Hanselman and friends | Visual Studio 2022 Launch Event

over 2 years ago

Want to learn about the latest and greatest in the 64-bit Visual...

Enable advanced IoT Edge scenarios with ACR connected registry | Azure Friday

over 2 years ago

Toddy Mladenov and Jeanine Burke join Scott Hanselman to talk about the...

Introduction to SQL Server 2022 (Ep.1) | Data Exposed

over 2 years ago

Join us for an introduction to the latest release of SQL Server...

WSL: Mount USB devices | Tabs vs Spaces

over 2 years ago

WSL now supports connecting USB devices on Windows 11 thanks to contributions...