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Last updated about 1 hour ago

Hugging Face introduces Idefics2, an 8B open-source visual language model

about 1 hour ago

Hugging Face has an improved vision language model. Smaller in size, Idefics2...

Telesign’s Verify API goes all in with AI and ML to secure omnichannel growth

about 3 hours ago

Taking an AI and ML-based approach to adding contextual intelligence to APIs...

Glaze 2: new version of anti-AI scraping tool for artists launches, video defense planned

about 6 hours ago

The University of Chicago research team behind anti-AI scraping tools Nightshade and...

Calling all Generative AI disruptors of the enterprise! Apply now to present at Transform 2024

about 7 hours ago

Who should apply? Dynamic companies with compelling new generative AI technology, and...

Roblox makes it easier for anyone to create and sell avatar items

about 9 hours ago

Roblox announced today that it’s relaxing the requirements behind uploading, publishing, and...

Adobe to add AI video generators Sora, Runway, Pika to Premiere Pro

about 11 hours ago

Today, Adobe announced it aims to update Premiere Pro to add plug-ins...

Poe introduces multi-bot chat and plans enterprise tier to dominate AI chatbot market

about 11 hours ago

Quora's Poe platform introduces multi-bot chat, monetization tools for creators, and plans...

Fallout games get a halo effect from popular TV series

about 12 hours ago

Fallout games are getting a big halo effect from the popularity of...

Reka releases Reka Core, its multimodal language model to rival GPT-4 and Claude 3 Opus

about 12 hours ago

Reka Core delivered strong scores in benchmarks covering vision and image tasks...

OpenAI expands into Asia with Tokyo hub, Japanese variant of GPT-4

about 14 hours ago

With the new Tokyo office and the custom version of GPT-4, OpenAI...

Microsoft dives into data integrity at the latest VentureBeat AI Impact Tour

about 15 hours ago

Data integrity – start-to-finish transparency, accuracy, consistency, relevance and lack of bias...

ArenaX Labs launches ARC AI game infrastructure and SAI research platform

about 16 hours ago

ArenaX has launched two new products: Its ARC AI-based game infrastructure from...