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Last updated 3 minutes ago

Amazon Connect cloud contact center gets voice ID authentication

4 minutes ago

AWS has added a some notable new features to its Amazon Connect...

Amazon QuickSight Q joins race to democratize business intelligence tools

40 minutes ago

Amazon launches Quicksight Q in bid for business intelligence tool market, currently...

G4 appoints Russell Arons as its president

42 minutes ago

Comcast Spectator announced today that Russell Arons will serve as the rebooted...

Nexar and Las Vegas tackle traffic with digital twins

about 1 hour ago

Nexar is partnering with Nevada public road transit authorities to create digital...

Fabless semiconductor company Astera Labs raises $50M for AI hardware designs

about 2 hours ago

Astera Labs, a company developing infrastructure for AI and machine learning workloads...

8BitDo’s media remotes unlock more of the Xbox’s entertainment power

about 2 hours ago

The 8BitDo Media Remote for Xbox is an excellent device, and it...

The limitations of AI safety tools

about 3 hours ago

Firms including OpenAI have developed safety tools to constrain AI decision-making. But...

Razer is getting more serious about console products

about 3 hours ago

Razer is intent on capitalizing on the increased spending we are all...

Playpulse raises $2M for exercise bike that turns fitness into a game

about 4 hours ago

Playpulse has raised $2 million to build the Playpulse One, an exercise...

Mobile game makers evaluate the uncertainties of iOS gaming

about 4 hours ago

The future looks bright in mobile games, but it's a fuzzy bright...

CRM marketing startup Optimove raises $75M

about 5 hours ago

Optimove, a company developing customer relationship management software, has raised $75 million...

Digital transformation spending is up to $700B per year, but results lag

about 20 hours ago

Digital transformation is a complex, daunting endeavor for even technology-forward companies, but...