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Last updated about 14 hours ago

KDE Customization Guide: Here are 11 Ways You Can Change the Look and Feel of Your KDE-Powered Linux Desktop

about 14 hours ago

KDE Plasma desktop is unarguably the pinnacle of customization, as you can...

Looking to Ditch WhatsApp? Here are 5 Better Privacy Alternatives to WhatsApp

4 days ago

After the latest WhatsApp privacy policy updates, many users who trusted the...

Install Privacy-friendly WhatsApp Alternative Signal on Linux Desktop

5 days ago

It’s been more than a year since we covered Signal as an...

Super Productivity: A Super Cool Open Source To-Do List App with GitHub Integration

7 days ago

Brief: Super Productivity is an awesome open-source to-do app that helps you...

Homura: A WINE-based Game Launcher for BSD

10 days ago

BSD isn’t just for servers. People use it for desktop as well...

The Definitive Guide to Using and Customizing the Dock in Ubuntu

11 days ago

When you log into Ubuntu, you’ll see the dock on the left...

QuiteRSS: A Free Open-Source RSS Reader for Linux Desktop

14 days ago

Brief: A lightweight open-source RSS reader for desktop Linux with all the...

Rocket.Chat: An Amazing Open-Source Alternative to Slack That You Can Self-host

21 days ago

Brief: Rocket.Chat is an open-source team communication application with features and looks...

Font Manager: A Simple Open-Source App for GTK+ Desktop

28 days ago

Brief: A dead simple font manager app that lets you focus on...

Troubleshooting “No Bootable Medium Found” Error in VirtualBox

30 days ago

Many VirtualBox users have experienced at least once the message ‘FATAL: Could...

How to Install RPM Files on Fedora Linux [Beginner’s Tutorial]

about 1 month ago

This beginner article explains how to install RPM packages on Fedora and...