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Darknet – The Darkside

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Last updated 5 months ago

Best EDR Of The Market (BEOTM) – Endpoint Detection and Response Testing Tool

5 months ago

BestEDROfTheMarket is a naive user-mode EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) tool designed...

AgentSmith HIDS – Host Based Intrusion Detection

10 months ago

AgentSmith HIDS is a powerful component of a Host-based Intrusion Detection system...

padre – Padding Oracle Attack Exploiter Tool

about 1 year ago

padre is an advanced exploiter and Padding Oracle attack tool that can...

Privacy Implications of Web 3.0 and Darknets

about 1 year ago

The evolution of the internet has been rapid over the years and...

DataSurgeon – Extract Sensitive Information (PII) From Logs

about 1 year ago

DataSurgeon (ds) is a versatile tool designed to Extract Sensitive Information (PII)...

Pwnagotchi – Maximize Crackable WPA Key Material For Bettercap

over 1 year ago

Pwnagotchi is an A2C-based "AI" leveraging bettercap that learns from its surrounding...

HardCIDR – Network CIDR and Range Discovery Tool

over 1 year ago

HardCIDR is a Linux Bash script to discover the netblocks, or ranges...

Socialscan – Command-Line Tool To Check For Email And Social Media Username Usage

about 2 years ago

socialscan is an accurate command-line tool to check For email and social...

CFRipper – CloudFormation Security Scanning & Audit Tool

over 2 years ago

CFRipper is a Python-based Library and CLI security analyzer that functions as...

CredNinja – Test Credential Validity of Dumped Credentials or Hashes

over 2 years ago

CredNinja is a tool to quickly test credential validity of dumped credentials...

assetfinder – Find Related Domains and Subdomains

over 2 years ago

assetfinder is a Go-based tool to find related domains and subdomains that...

Karkinos – Beginner Friendly Penetration Testing Tool

almost 3 years ago

Karkinos is a light-weight Beginner Friendly Penetration Testing Tool, which is basically...