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Darknet – The Darkside

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Last updated about 22 hours ago

tko-subs – Detect & Takeover Subdomains With Dead DNS Records

30 days ago

tko-subs is a tool that helps you to detect & takeover subdomains...

Arcane – Tool To Backdoor iOS Packages (iPhone ARM)

2 months ago

Arcane is a simple script tool to backdoor iOS packages (iPhone ARM)...

SharpHose – Asynchronous Password Spraying Tool

3 months ago

SharpHose is an asynchronous password spraying tool in C# for Windows environments...

Axiom – Pen-Testing Server For Collecting Bug Bounties

4 months ago

Project Axiom is a set of utilities for managing a small dynamic...

Quasar RAT – Windows Remote Administration Tool

5 months ago

Quasar is a fast and light-weight Windows remote administration tool coded in...

Pingcastle – Active Directory Security Assessment Tool

5 months ago

PingCastle is a Active Directory Security Assessment Tool designed to quickly assess...

Second Order – Subdomain Takeover Scanner Tool

6 months ago

Second Order Subdomain Takeover Scanner Tool scans web applications for second-order subdomain...

Binwalk – Firmware Security Analysis & Extraction Tool

6 months ago

Binwalk is a fast and easy to use Python-based firmware security analysis...

zBang – Privileged Account Threat Detection Tool

7 months ago

zBang is a risk assessment tool for Privileged Account Threat Detection on...