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Last updated about 9 hours ago

Daylight Computer’s DC-1 Tablet

about 9 hours ago

New $730 tablet with a sounds-too-good-to-be-true 10.5-inch e-ink display that refreshes at...

Publishing AI Slop Is a Choice

about 9 hours ago

From a New York Times story by Nico Grant, under the headline...

The Talk Show: ‘Canadian Girlfriend Vibes’

about 10 hours ago

Special guest M.G. Siegler returns to the show to talk about the...

Atari Acquires Intellivision

about 12 hours ago

My 7-year-old self would have been very very excited about this news...

9to5Mac: ‘Apple Elaborates on iOS 17.5 Bug That Resurfaced Deleted Photos’

about 13 hours ago

Chance Miller, reporting for 9to5Mac Earlier this week, Apple released iOS 17.5.1...

Republican Profiles in Courage

about 13 hours ago

Various comments from Nikki Haley regarding Donald Trump, while she was campaigning...

TinyPod: Upcoming Case Turns an Apple Watch Into a Click-Wheel Phone

about 14 hours ago

Ryan Christoffel, writing at 9to5Mac 17 years after the iPhone’s launch, that...

Humane Is for Sale, But Who Would Buy Them?

about 14 hours ago

Liana Baker, Mark Gurman, Shirin Ghaffary, and Katie Roof, reporting for Bloomberg:*...

★ Spotify’s Car Things to Be Rebranded as Car Bricks

about 16 hours ago

Chris Welch, writing for The Verge, “Spotify Is Going to Break Every...

‘Jerky, 7-Fingered Scarlett Johansson Appears in Video to Express Full-Fledged Approval of OpenAI’

about 17 hours ago

The Onion In response to allegations that the artificial intelligence research organization...

Some Goofy Results From ‘AI Overviews’ in Google Search

1 day ago

Asked “how many rocks should i eat” [sic], Google Search responded According...