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Last updated 8 days ago

Make Microsoft Edge DevTools your own

8 days ago

There isn’t much you can’t do with web technologies nowadays. The web...

WebView2 Windows App SDK, WinUI2, Runtime, and CDP Helper Updates

22 days ago

We’ve been thrilled by the positive feedback, questions, and level of engagement...

Enhancing Inking on the Web

about 1 month ago

Today we are excited to announce the preview availability of an enhanced...

CSS module scripts: `import` stylesheets like JavaScript modules

about 1 month ago

Microsoft and Google have collaborated to bring support for CSS module scripts...

Compat2021: Improving CSS Grid compatibility with GridNG

about 1 month ago

With next month’s release of Microsoft Edge 93, we’ll be releasing a...

Easier browser debugging with Developer Tools integration in Visual Studio Code

2 months ago

If you're debugging JavaScript in Visual Studio Code you probably have used...

How to opt-in to the Extended Stable release cycle option beginning with Microsoft Edge 94

2 months ago

In March, we announced that Microsoft Edge would be moving from a...

Dark Mode for HTML Form Controls

3 months ago

If you build a web application, chances are good that you’ve received...

Improving contrast in Microsoft Edge DevTools: A bugfix case study

3 months ago

Creating accessible products means most of all being aware of the usability...

Improving font rendering in Microsoft Edge

4 months ago

Today we are excited to announce improved font rendering in the latest...

Available for preview: Automatic HTTPS helps keep your browsing more secure

4 months ago

Starting with Microsoft Edge 92, users can preview the Automatic HTTPS feature...

What’s new for Microsoft Edge at Microsoft Build 2021

4 months ago

Welcome back to Microsoft Build! Wherever this finds you, we hope that...