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Last updated over 1 year ago

Freakonomics Radio Network’s 2022 Staff Picks

over 1 year ago

To celebrate a wonderful year of production on all of the shows...

An Exit Interview with N.I.H. Director Dr. Francis Collins (Freakonomics, M.D. Ep. 16)

over 2 years ago

The National Institutes of Health is the backbone of health research in...

“The Art Market Is in Massive Disruption.” (Ep. 486)

over 2 years ago

Is art really meant to be an “asset class”? Will the digital...

How Can You Avoid Boredom? (NSQ Ep. 77)

over 2 years ago

Also: are we getting any better at assessing COVID risk *      *...

Jared Diamond on the Downfall of Civilizations — and His Optimism for Ours (People I (Mostly) Admire, Ep. 55)

over 2 years ago

He’s the award-winning author of hugely popular books like Guns, Germs, and...

The Most “Unique, Excellent, and Promising” Episode (Freakonomics, M.D. Ep. 15)

over 2 years ago

Studies by men published in scientific journals are more likely to include...

“I’ve Been Working My Ass Off for You to Make that Profit?” (Ep. 485)

over 2 years ago

The more successful an artist is, the more likely their work will...

Why Can’t Baby Boomers and Millennials Just Get Along? (NSQ Ep. 76)

over 2 years ago

Also: how do phone cameras affect the way we experience live events...

Andrew Yang Is Not Giving Up on Politics — or the U.S. — Yet (People I (Mostly) Admire, Ep. 54)

over 2 years ago

He’s tried to shake up the status quo — as a Democratic...

Is Uber Good (or Bad) for Your Health? (Freakonomics, M.D. Ep. 14)

over 2 years ago

When you need a ride to the hospital, who should you call...

“A Fascinating, Sexy, Intellectually Compelling, Unregulated Global Market.” (Ep. 484)

over 2 years ago

The art market is so opaque and illiquid that it barely functions...

Why Do We Seek Comfort in the Familiar? (NSQ Ep. 30 Rebroadcast)

over 2 years ago

Also: is a little knowledge truly a dangerous thing *      *      *...