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Last updated about 23 hours ago

Microsoft publishes new Registry mitigation for Intel processors (Spectre)

about 23 hours ago

About six years ago, vulnerabilities were discovered that affected most Intel and...

A new journey with Windows: Microsoft's "end of support" notice for Windows 10 users

4 days ago

Microsoft's Windows 10 operating system has about 18 months of official support...

Google is unlocking previously Pixel-exclusive AI tools to all Google Photos users

5 days ago

Soon, all users of the photo viewing and editing app Google Photos...

Proton acquires encrypted note-taking app Standard Notes

5 days ago

Proton has announced that it has completed the acquisition of the encrypted...

Microsoft continues push to turn Windows into an advertising space

6 days ago

A fundamental shift happened in the development of the Windows operating system...

Microsoft releases the April 2024 Security Updates for Windows

6 days ago

The April 2024 security updates for Windows are now available. Microsoft released...

Winxvideo AI: Your One-Stop Video and Image Solution for upgrading your Media

7 days ago

Forget grainy footage and shaky home videos, the Online world is currently...

Maximize Your Online Security with Avast Secure Browser

7 days ago

As the Internet becomes a stage for sophisticated threats and unwelcome surveillance...

Google announces improved Find My Device network for Android devices

7 days ago

Google has launched its improved Find My Device network in the U.S...

New sneaky Windows driver UCDP stops non-Microsoft software from setting defaults

8 days ago

Microsoft has integrated the driver userChoice Protection Driver, short UCPD, into Windows...

Disney Plus' password-sharing crackdown begins in June

11 days ago

Disney CEO Bob Iger has confirmed that the company will start implementing...

Google considers charging you extra for AI-powered Google Search features

11 days ago

A report by the Financial Times (via Neowin) suggests that Google is...