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Off the convex path

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Last updated 5 months ago

Ultra-Wide Deep Nets and Neural Tangent Kernel (NTK)

5 months ago

(Crossposted at CMU ML.) Traditional wisdom in machine learning holds that there...

Understanding implicit regularization in deep learning by analyzing trajectories of gradient descent

8 months ago

Sanjeev’s recent blog post suggested that the conventional view of optimization is...

Landscape Connectivity of Low Cost Solutions for Multilayer Nets

8 months ago

A big mystery about deep learning is how, in a highly nonconvex...

Is Optimization a Sufficient Language for Understanding Deep Learning?

9 months ago

In this Deep Learning era, machine learning usually boils down to defining...

Contrastive Unsupervised Learning of Semantic Representations: A Theoretical Framework

11 months ago

Semantic representations (aka semantic embeddings) of complicated data types (e.g. images, text...

The search for biologically plausible neural computation: A similarity-based approach

about 1 year ago

This is the second post in a series reviewing recent progress in...

Understanding optimization in deep learning by analyzing trajectories of gradient descent

over 1 year ago

Neural network optimization is fundamentally non-convex, and yet simple gradient-based algorithms seem...

Simple and efficient semantic embeddings for rare words, n-grams, and language features

over 1 year ago

Distributional methods for capturing meaning, such as word embeddings, often require observing...

When Recurrent Models Don't Need to be Recurrent

over 1 year ago

In the last few years, deep learning practitioners have proposed a litany...

Deep-learning-free Text and Sentence Embedding, Part 2

over 1 year ago

This post continues Sanjeev’s post and describes further attempts to construct elementary...

Deep-learning-free Text and Sentence Embedding, Part 1

over 1 year ago

Word embeddings (see my old post1 and post2) capture the idea that...

Limitations of Encoder-Decoder GAN architectures

almost 2 years ago

This is yet another post about Generative Adversarial Nets (GANs), and based...