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Pony Foo

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Latest posts

Last updated over 2 years ago

Bootstrapping a UI component library

over 2 years ago

Building — and adopting — a component library in the context of...

React Data Survival Kit

about 5 years ago

Handling data in React can be treacherous if you don’t know your...

Discovering patterns with React hooks

about 5 years ago

One of the things I enjoy the most about coding is discovering...

Disguise Driven Testing: Jest Mocks In Depth — Part 2

about 5 years ago

Mocks are a great way of preventing AJAX calls in tests, but...

Conflict Resolution and Code Reviews

over 5 years ago

Have you ever tried to do a code review on a PR...

Disguise-Driven Testing: Jest Mocks in Depth

over 5 years ago

Testing can be simple. In fact, it is simple. Well, it is...

The Action Pattern: Clean, Obvious, Testable Code

over 5 years ago

Let’s convert a mock API endpoint for signing up new users in...

React State: Choose Wisely

over 5 years ago

Proper state handling in React will make your components simple and maintainable...

GraphQL in Depth: What, Why, and How

over 5 years ago

GraphQL is all the rage, but what exactly is it? In this...

JavaScript Performance Pitfalls in V8

over 5 years ago

In recent years, JavaScript engines have improved on all fronts. The performance...

Unhappy Path Driven Development

almost 6 years ago

This story — about all the things that could, and do, go...

Module Design 🦀

almost 6 years ago

This article is an excerpt from Mastering Modular JavaScript, which is being...